gg: say goodnight gracie


Gilmore Girls - did you ever know that you’re my hero?

just one of my favourite scenes from Gilmore Girls.

I finally watched Will & Grace: Say Goodnight Gracie today. I know I should’ve watched it before the finale like it was originally shown.

I thought it was a really fun retrospective to watch with some bloopers of which I’ve seen none before because as much as I want to own it, it’s always on TV! I nearly bought it before Channel 4 started to repeat it again but then I just watched it on there again, I think I used to watch it more on Living though. And I only ever saw the Eighth season once on there when it was originally on. 

But it showed scenes of a baby shower in it and I never saw that and I thought Channel 4 must have missed an episode out again but when I looked on IMDb I couldn’t find it say any of the last few episodes had that happen and I saw all of them, so now I’m confused :/

say goodnight, gracie.

this book is driving me crazy. morgan and jimmy, best friends. the first part of this book is filled with a lot of love, friendship, and fun. i love how jimmy always makes fun of morgan but he cares about her so much. and then one day he just… died. LIKE THAT. and for the next few months morgan keeps wearing his jacket to keep some parts of him alive.

the book killed me. too good.


…and the fact that he was a dancer………. ugh. i want one jimmy.

Combine no time with physical comedy you’re going to have some unexpected and no discuss thing happening
It is so fun to do comedy, but to do physical comedy, for me, is the most enjoy of all

Not weight-loss related but…

I started reading ‘Say Goodnight, Gracie’ today and its just wonderfully written and the story is perfect. I love it, this is no spoiler since the first page states the death of Jimmy, Morgan’s best friend. They’ve been inseparable since they were at the maternity wing when they were born. When he dies, it hit me so hard. I felt the wind punched out of me. That’s how much Deaver (author) makes you fall in love with Jimmy before he’s killed. I’m less then 40 pages away from the end and I am absolutely eager. 

I wanted to share that with you girls because besides my eating habits and thinspo you guys don’t know much about me. But yeah, I’m a reader <3 

xx stay beautiful..