gg200 art

Another commission in the books!

Mamoswine and Gammoth.
First time ever drawing a Gammoth, so I felt like I had to wing it. I hope I got it at least looking decent. Its whole design is a bit confusing to me.

But Mamoswine loves trunks. Oh boy, does he love trunks.

Commissioned by @dalamadummysnake
Mamoswine © GameFreak
Gammoth © Capcom 
Artwork © @merciresolution

Time Taken: Not Recorded
Layers: 39 (haha, what’s compression?)

This is absolutely heartbreaking…

The passing of these two beautiful animals, J28 Polaris and (maybe) J54 Dipper, is a tragedy on its own. But knowing their deaths could have been prevented had the Snake River Dams been breached long before today makes it all the worse.

We, as humans, ultimately killed these orcas. 

It’s time to tear down the dams.
No fish, no Blackfish.

RIP Polaris and Dipper.