We’re here thinking about ourselves, I don’t know how the girls must be feeling about their promotions ending so early. They confessed how they were so frustrated that their comeback was being delayed and that their reality show was cancelled. And now russian roulette wasn’t promoted enough nor did they get enough tv appearances, they could only win 5 times, and their promotions happened around the time of holidays when all the music shows get cancelled. Our girls have work so hard for this, they deserve better. 

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Kazuichi dating headcanons?

3trash5me ~ Mod Eri

  • Due to his unfortunate past, it’s safe to say that he is the uncertain, insecure one in the relationship. Kids in the past made fun of him, his father abused him, the only friend he had used him… yeah. So once he finds someone that actually likes him, he’s confused. Thank you Beckett for this one
  • It’s your job to respond with his affection tenfold because anything less and he’ll mistake it for you falling out of love with him… and that won’t end well for anyone. You have to ensure the idea that you are in love with him for him, so he won’t have to feel that he’s constantly chasing after you like he had done for our Ultimate Princess.
  • He has his moments sometimes, those where he mistakes his fantasies - a blonde woman of the highest status… sound familiar - of being a reality. He appreciates what he has, of course, but he had so little when he was younger than he can’t help but want more. He’s a misunderstood child that only wants love, and you have to tell him straight out whenever he hurts your feelings or else he will never understand. It’s a crazy, painful ride with him but those twists and turns… those loops… it’s downright magical. You don’t want it to end even at your worst.
  • This boy tries, so, so hard. He would do next to anything for you, even stuff way beyond his paycheck because what matters to him is that you like him, you actually want to be around him. So if you want to treat him like shit and demand a new car, he will gladly make one for you.
  • He will embarrass himself in public many times. He’ll trip up over his words when you grin at him, he’ll blurt out some words of profanity which is only a telltale sign of him staring, and he absolutely hates it. He should be confident for you, the cool guy that everyone likes and… why won’t you stop smiling?
  • ‘Cause I love you, stupid! And he knows you’re right about something, that he’s stupid. Stupid in love.
  • Cue very long nights where Kazuichi can’t help but call you, checking to see if he doesn’t imagine your voice whispering sweet nothings in his ear so he can finally get some shut eye.
  • And those nights where you’re beside him in bed is a blessing because his fingers grazes your cheeks, your shoulders, your everything as you sleep. That reminds him that you’re real, you’re before him, and you stayed despite it all.
  • He fixes your air conditioner on the hottest days of the year, which ensues the two of you eating popsicles and lamenting about how you’re going to strip in five seconds if the sun doesn’t fall behind those buildings right now… and neither one of you mind.
  • He made you a mechanical toy pet once for your birthday and you nearly cried
  • His perfect idea of a date is to go on a stroll together and eventually land in some cafe where the only thing separating the two of you is coffee and/or ice cream.
  • Staying home and watching Netflix/Disney movies is great too. That way, cuddling ensues.
  • He’s a bit forward, but not regarding advances. You have to be able to start the first kiss, reach out for his hand, push that dumb loser onto your mattress. But, out of the both of you, the topic of kids pops out of his mouth once or twice. Three of them. You can name them. And perhaps when the two of you graduate, you can get married… if you last that long. You can pick the date, the season. He’s so stupidly in love with the idea of spending the rest of his life in this bliss that he’s open to nearly anything if it involves you loving him.