“Crushing it backstage with a game of trash basketball!”


dan, the professional trashketball player

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All I want is confirmation that Jess was Luke's best man. There's no way it was anyone else like Kirk or Taylor haha. I would have wanted to see that scene too where he asks him. Jess would be sooo happy for Luke, too. He knew Luke's been wanting to be with Lorelai since Season 3! XD

Yes! Like…I know some of the scripts ended up running too long and they had to write some things out/not include things…but would it have been too much to, idk, maybe cut down the length of the Life and Death Brigade scene or another long running scene and fit in something as simple as Luke asking Jess to be his best man? or just more jess scenes in general but whatever

and Jess WAS Luke’s best man. I firmly believe that’s a fact. AND HERE’S A LIST OF REASONS WHY:

  1. Luke doesn’t know very many people
  2. Luke isn’t close to very many people
  3. The only other viable (I use that word lightly) options I can think of are Kirk and T.J., and I can only imagine Luke picking either of them as a last resort because he really couldn’t find anyone…or because he was tricked/forced into picking one of them and didn’t care enough/was too exasperated to say no lol
  4. THE GUEST LIST. We need to talk about the guest list. When Lorelai is trying to put the seating chart together, she mentions that they need to finalize the guest list. She lists off all the people she’s inviting which includes the entire town, Rory’s friends, Emily and Emily’s friends. When she gets to Luke’s side of the list, she says that the only people on it are Liz, T.J., one of Luke’s uncles and “Cousin Billy” (though Luke is insistent that he doesn’t even have a cousin Billy, so i’m pretty sure that’s just some random dude Lorelai invited lol) and….that’s it. She doesn’t mention Jess at all. Which I thought, unless he wasn’t going to be at the wedding (which would have been ABSURD) was really weird, but then a few scenes later we see Jess hanging out at Lorelai’s house the day before the wedding, where we find out he was going to spend the night before Kirk, Lorelai and Rory showed up and it became a “full house” (which is bullshit but w/e) and before he leaves to Liz and T.J.’s, he tells Lorelai and Luke “I’ll see you guys tomorrow” and that he’ll meet Luke back at the GG house at 10:00 the next morning….which means he’s 100% going to be at the wedding. Now going back to the guest list, Lorelai also didn’t say anything about Rory and April, who we know are also 100% going to be at the wedding, so my theory is that certain people weren’t mentioned on the list because not only is it a given that they’re going to be there so it didn’t need to be mentioned, but because they’re actually IN the wedding. As in, Rory is Lorelai’s maid of honor, April’s one of the bridesmaids or a flower girl or something, and Jess is Luke’s best man.

Then again, it’s entirely possible that Luke didn’t even have a best man but, if he did have one, I think all evidence points to that person being Jess.

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Barry and Ross, just a cute little birthday scene, like he has a birthday party and everyone's there and Ross has a cute surprise of some sort?

The office has a little party for Barry on a Thursday. The Grumps and semi-Grump family are there as well as other friends of Barry’s, his brother, a whole wealth of people wishing Barry well. There’s a cake. Suzy and Holly made it, decorated it. Barry’s been eyeing it for the last couple of hours as the party goes on. He can’t have it yet because Ross left specific instructions that the cake be cut as a specific time.

Barry appreciates everyone coming, people celebrating his day. He hasn’t actually seen Ross in a while and though he’s having fun, he’s also curious about where his boyfriend has run off to. Barry spots Dan walking by and he excuses himself from his current conversation to follow Dan.

“Hey! Have you seen Ross?”

“Not in a while,” Dan says, swirling his cup of punch around, “Maybe you can ask Arin?”

“If I can find him,” Barry says, turning from Dan to scan the party at large, searching for any sign of Ross or Arin in the crowd.

When Barry turns back around Dan has disappeared too.

He frowns. Why were his friends being weird?

“Cake time!” Barry hears Suzy call from across the office. He looks up to see Suzy and Holly carrying the cake between them, coming towards Barry, the party-goers forming a loose circle around him.

“Hang on,” Barry says to Suzy as she approaches him, “Ross isn’t here yet.”

“We can’t wait for him!” Holly says, “It’s time for cake!”

Barry tries to smile, but he can’t help but feel a little bummed. Ross was missing his party, was missing cake, all this was happening without Ross being there.

Suzy and Holly begin singing Happy Birthday, the chorus of the crowd joining in alongside them. The other Grumps have shown up but not Ross. Barry has to fight the dark cloud of sadness from bubbling up inside of him and ruining the party his friends worked so hard to put together for him.

“Happy birthday dear-“ suddenly the singing dies, like someone flipped a switch and cut all the voices off. Barry’s confused before he sees expectant smiles on the crowd in front of him and then he hears one singular voice.


Barry whirls around at the familiar voice. Behind him is Ross, down on one knee, a small box in his hands as he holds it out to Barry.

“Oh my God,” Barry says.

Ross smiles, flicking his hair from his eyes, his grin stretched wide across his face.

“Barry, I wanted to ask you something.”

“Ross, really?” Barry breathes. Is this what all the weirdness was about? Why Ross disappeared? He had this whole thing planned?

“We’ve been friends for a long time and I feel like I’ve loved you for as long as I’ve known you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me, Bar?”

Barry feels his heart swell. He can feel everyone looking at him, watching, waiting. He’s pretty sure he can hear Suzy crying next to him.

“I, yes…yes, Ross. I’ll marry you.”

The crowd around them erupts into cheers and then Ross propels up from the floor and he grabs Barry in a tight squeeze, kissing him before he shows Barry the ring with shaking hands.

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Jess and Rory have other things in common other than the make-out, other than the sex. You know, the sex is there, which is nice and enjoyable for all those who want to enjoy it, but they have the books and the music and the reading and the literature and the intellectual standpoint, and you can’t ignore the fact that there is a meeting of the minds there.
—  amy sherman-palladino