Here she is! Genevieve Erica Gilroy. Tassonian priest of the Holy Matrial Orthodoxy.
LARP: Blackpowder and Bloodlines, a brand new LARP bases in Victoria, Australia.

Costume made completely by me. I’m icredibly pleased with my robes/coat (which I made on Tuesday) from 5 meters of black wool and my neck ruff which consists of two thrifted tea-dyed lace doilies sewn together.

I’m also secretly thrilled that her initials ended up being ‘GG’, which was genuinely not on purpose.

Can’t wait for the weekend to begin!

(For some reason this post was in my drafts and it was meant to post 4 days ago….)

Jesus Christ. I just watched the video where Arin talks about having his first panic attack, and let me tell ya I’m fuming at the game grumps fans right now.

literally all of the comments said things like “arin you’re so stupid. shut up.” or “your philosophy is shit, arin.” or “shut the fuck up you’re just using this as an excuse for why you’re bad at video games.” I’m not making this up. These are literally comments I saw.

And? I’m just?? So angry. I don’t usually comment about disagreements and stuff but this pissed me off. People wanna find any way they can to shit on arin and that includes this. arin shared a personal life experience with us and told us his honest outlook on his life. he’s not trying to complain; he’s just trying to be fucking honest.

if danny had told us that, the reaction would’ve been completely different. we all know it’s true. People would’ve been telling him to go easy on himself and that we love him and so on.

so why do people hate on arin so much? I seriously don’t understand. because he doesn’t play video games the way you want? because he did something differently than how you would? because he has a different philosophy than you?

fuck you, whoever said those horrible things to him. I know arin doesn’t care and honestly this post might be pointless, but it pissed me off that arin would be treated like that for sharing something personal like that.