gg s6


- So then you’re over that, right?  - Yup, long over.

logan 👏 huntzberger 👏would 👏 want 👏 to 👏 know 👏about 👏 his 👏 kid 👏and 👏 be 👏 there 👏 for 👏 them 👏

But, hey, do you know what date I’m not getting married? June 3rd. Do not save the date. Do you hear me? Do whatever you want on June 3rd, because there’s nothing at all happening on that day. If there’s anything you need to book or anything, it’s totally safe to book it on June 3rd. So, congratulations, Lane and Zach. Who else here had eight shots of Tequila? Anybody? Hands…no? Oh, my gosh, who misses the yummy bartenders? I know, me too. They were so great. I was gonna ask them to not work on June 3rd on my not wedding. I just thought that would be so fun.
—  Lorelai Gilmore