gg pic of the day

anonymous asked:

I feel like the reason GG likes a lot of Danielle's pictures is because they're not sexy as Candices. And if he liked Candices he probably would get in trouble with L.

GG used to like ass pics on IG ALL the damn time. He stopped liking ass pics like late Novemer and it ain’t have shit to do with Andrea. GG has followed a women, liked her naked pic, then unfollowed her a few days after that. He used to follow all these IG models and was liking their pics. He unfollowed most of them in December once again ain’t have shit to do with Andrea cause if they telling the truth then they would of been dating for 11 months by then. (11 months into his rl he gonna suddenly stop being thirsty on IG?) So him liking his co star’s pic shouldn’t “get him in trouble” but GG or CP rarely like each others pics everything doesn’t involve her.

And GG also has liked some of CP’s sexier pics before. All of CP’ pics can be taken as sexy cause she’s beautiful as hell.