gg pic

I’m looking through my gg live pics again and I’ve come to the conclusion that Arin is a cryptid because I literally didn’t get a single picture without blur on that man.

And it’s not my camera either, cause I’ve got pics where he’s in the same frame as Dan, and Dan is clear.

Arin is just a very blurry man

On a completely unrelated note, why the hell do people reblog your shit just to say how much they dont like it ??? Like congrats my guy for putting art u dont like on your blog so you can be reminded of how much you dont like it everytime you scroll past it. Like, i stay in my fucking lane, i dont add unnecessary comments where theyre not warranted bc mama aint raise me in a damn barn lmao.

People forget that there is an Actual Person behind art blogs?? Im going to read every tag on every post i make. If you wouldnt say that shit to someones face, dont say it at all.