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On a completely unrelated note, why the hell do people reblog your shit just to say how much they dont like it ??? Like congrats my guy for putting art u dont like on your blog so you can be reminded of how much you dont like it everytime you scroll past it. Like, i stay in my fucking lane, i dont add unnecessary comments where theyre not warranted bc mama aint raise me in a damn barn lmao.

People forget that there is an Actual Person behind art blogs?? Im going to read every tag on every post i make. If you wouldnt say that shit to someones face, dont say it at all.

anonymous asked:

I'm dying! A fan took a pic with GG holding a picture of him and CP. GG looks plays at looking none to happy. On the fans Instagram he even captioned the photo with "yeah that's right I get iris in all the Earth's you created" 😂

There is a nice pic of GG and the fan holding a picture frame of the same fan and CP. 😊 

I love everything this dude chooses to be. LOL, when I heard about the pic I thought it was going to be a woman trying to low-key get a WA pic (cause that’s the only way it would happen), not this gem. A+ use of a photo op.