gg parallel

one headcannon: luke and lorelai have their wedding, jess is luke’s best man. after the ceremony jess invites rory to dance. they dance together, awkwardly at first but as time passes and the conversation deepens they slowly start to remember how they felt about each other when they were young. nothing happens but some of those old feelings resurface. that scene mirrors luke and lorelai’s dance in liz and tj’s wedding.

when did jess start thinking that the story of the gilmore girls would make for an excellent book? 

did he first think about it all those years ago when he first got to know rory & lorelai and was taken aback by their unique dynamic? was he reading a book exploring familial relationships one day, which lead him to ponder a possible story about those fascinating ladies from stars hollow? did he always envision rory one day writing her own book? was it specifically a story about the gilmore girls that he thought would be perfect for her to write, or were there other genres/plots he believed she’d be great at writing? has he always felt like suggesting she write this book, but never wanted to feel like he was trying to steer her away from her journalism career path?

i need so many headcanons about this