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Sophies meme | 5 of 9 scenes
6.20 - Super Cool Party People

evil doctor au lets go
(im sorry if this au already exists, i wanted to make flug smiling without taking off his paperbag- then this happened)
DO NOT USE/Trace/edit/claim/sell/etc my artwork!
Do not repost my artwork! (do not re-upload my artwork!)

OK, ok.

This is wierd, yes it is.

BUUUUT…!! Just look at em. Just look at these two goobers striking a pose omygosh.



Jess Mariano’s life is a mess but he just keeps going.

USUK Fall/Halloween Card Event (1/3): Arthur the Teenage Witch~Pumpkins

Fall Card #1, Fall Card #2, Fall Card #3

Summary: (USUK) Prompt given was: messy pumpkin carving 

Card made for:  ixbranna16

Warnings: traditional omegaverse

A/N: Years ago I thought of the idea of making a USUK fic off the show Sabrina the Teenage Witch(Sabrina&HarveyOTP 5ever). The show was very cute and fluffy and campy as heck which is right up my alley. I started the fic, but it never progressed, I did the same thing with Gilmore Girls AU(Rory&DeanOTP i will fite u). Now I found a way to fuse the two ideas and I LOVE it. Sorry for the image, I took these pics for my IG and forgot to take wider for tumblr. ToT  

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