gg macro


being a tiny who lives in an office

considering you sleep most of the day, borrow during night, you don’t know much about the workers of the office you reside in. you do know that they are let’s players, though, and you have to keep careful to not get seen.

one day food’s getting low so you risk going to grab food during the day, figuring that the humans are distracted with their ‘game grumps’ show.

while you’re on the counter snatching some food, you hear footsteps, and when you glance to the doorway you see this:

kids these days are spoiled about video game communities. yall weren’t around when heroes of newerth was relevant, aka the single most violent and foul mouthed community to ever exist. 

I could talk ages about HoN’s community tbh. HoN was entirely about shit talking that it reveled in that fact that every single person fucking hated each other. Eveyr person had their own complicated macro that was some variation of “dumpstered”, “get good you’re nothing kid” or just a ASCII macro of “GG” and was more than ready to drop it. I dont have the screencap anymore and I regret it losing it more than anything in my life, but being a fucking douchebag was so inrooted in HoN’s cultures that there’s times where Maliken, S2′s fucking CEO at the time (idk about now but he’s still probably there), would call players niggers and faggots in game. I once saw a video of people exchanging each other’s addresses in chat so they can go fight each other in real life. Anything you play is tame compared to HoN. HoN was a godless wasteland where only the dude with the biggest dick and the biggest get good scrub macro could survive