gg legend

The Cramwell Lineage

Some of my favourite Let’s Plays by the Grumps is definitely the Zelda LPs. One of the best parts of each has got to be their names for Link each time.

With them starting Ocarina of Time, and their giving the Link Between Worlds Link a last name, I I thought it would be interesting if these were all just one family, stretching back genrations.

the end of an legendary era

i can’t put the sadness and anger i feel into words.. now that all gg legends have come to an end i hope that people will at least appreciate the efforts they have made and keep supporting them. it was snsd after all who made it possible for ggs to survive in this industry. it was a hard decision for all of the members, but especially for those who have decided to leave sm. however they haven’t disbanded YET so please keep supporting snsd, tiffany, sooyoung, seohyun and last but not least our ice princess jessica. sm did all of them wrong. ot9, ot8, ot5 - forever snsd

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