gg jersey

So, I tried a thing…
Been meaning to work more on how to show AND tell with imagery but I be been busy (and very lazy). But last night I had an idea revolving around a chick and her hunt for the Jersey Devil (being part piney, the Jersey​ devil has always held a special place in my heart). Seeing as @sixpenceee has a scary comic/story thing going on right now, I thought I’d take a crack at getting pen to paper (or tablet pen to… tablet). However, these things are better tackled with a set plan and not at 3am. But I was kinda happy with how this turned out. Also kinda hoping it’s not too dark and murky!
Oh well. Looks it’s back to the ol’ drawing board for me!

anonymous asked:

This might interest you. On Jan 5th LA G@laxy posted on their instagram about a launch party on Jan 21 for their new jersey kit. GG left a comment that said "can't wait". Reminder that berl@nti's husband was part of that team up until recent which will explain the invite. How lucky for L that because she knows GG she gets to attend a party with a lot of athletes and people who work in the business. Almost like that's the reason she's with him 🤔

Hmmm…guess we’ll see.