gg cosplay

Last week we picked up the new, incredible  @dreamdaddygame​ game and fell instantly in love with it… So we made this. I’m sorry. Our first DDADDS parody tribute!

Full video coming to our Youtube on August 4th.

Huge shout out to Vernon Shaw, Leighton Gray and the @gamegrumps for creating this masterpiece game. Thank you so much for bringing all this joy into our lives!

Robert is @nyxrising
Joseph is @0becki


I thought we were cool. I thought we had a thing here. What happened to Margarita Zone?

I’m absolutely baffled by the love you guys have shown for my closet cosplay of Joseph! So here’s a little something extra - aka two more pics I took yesterday that turned out alright. (aka I want to unlock the cult ending so bad lol). This is my cosplay account, but sometimes I post stuff over at my main blog @deathtableau too since i have more followers there (so that’s why I have pics up on both accounts). 


Haven’t been on tumblr in a while because ~reasons~ so I’m just gonna dump this stuff here because ineedattention and I think it’s interesting enough to share with y'all. This is all stuff back from the Irwindale Renaissance Pleasure Faire in early May when Steam Powered Giraffe performed there! I went as Rabbit (as I usually do with these shows) and brought with me my own GG I made! My arms were pretty much dead by the end of the day from lugging that thing around for hours, but I powered though. The band had nothing but nice things to say about my stuff, and from what I could tell, either slightly impressed, or internally rolling their eyes. Either way is chill, because BROS Isabella actually recognized me from previous shows (to some extent, like for all I know, I’m “that crazy bitch that keeps cosplaying my damn character why won’t she sTOP” to her). But it was a really good experience getting to see them again. I had the band sign GG’s butt because it felt weird not having them sign my crap. I reeeeeally hope Bunny brings GG to the next show in July, because all I want out of that GG I made is to get some sort of picture with the two Rabbits and GGs because won’t that be just COOL. Also, that last pic, we accidentally ran into the Bennetts and company at the Fair the week after the show. It was a nice surprise, and if I had checked any social media prior to that, I woulda spoiled that for myself. Though, I have my regrets about presenting as a dude in front of somebody I look up to as a person and a musical inspiration. But hey, that’s the price for being closeted.


“Maiden of Life”

-My first ever Homestuck Solo Photosession as Ms. Crocker!

It was a fun and exciting~ I have never done a solo photosession and by a lovely and really talented Photographer and Also a very awesome cosplayer! I need to redo a lot of Jane’s clothes but it was s damn good try for my first!

And P.S. I didn’t shoot this at a forest or something. It was at a park!

Me( ) as Jane Crocker


OKAY SO THIS IS CRAZY but I made a makeshift Burgie cosplay (I still gotta add cheese and get a Game Grumps shirt but all in due time)! It would mean the world to me if you guys can reblog this so the grumps can see; it’s been a very rough year with my OCD and just watching Game Grumps makes me feel so happy and cheers me up a lot! I really want all the grumps to see this and smile! They’ve done so much for me and the least I can do is cosplay a small, smiling burger <3

Introducing: Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Wendy Testaburger

Senior Year’s Resolutions:

Stan- Get a football scholarship to Orange County University (the school Kyle is applying to).

Kyle- Be at the top of their graduating class and selected as valedictorian. (Aka: “Beat Wendy”, his only real competition.)

Wendy- Not to let Kyle beat her out for valedictorian.