gg concert

I don’t know why so many people like to pretend that red velvet aren’t as popular as they are. we have multiple members with great public recognition, multiple hit songs, the FASTEST SELLING GG CONCERT IN HISTORY (only exo has sold out faster), so what seems to be the issue? the fact is: rv are amazing I love stanning legends

evercreepy  asked:

Hi! Sorry for randomly jumping into your ask, but I just managed to get the ticket to one of GG concerts in EU, and now I'm going to see Danny live (I thought I'd never will, trips to US are expensive). And this all happened only because I went online just to check updates on your blog first thing in the morning! So if not for you, I would've missed this giant chance, and now I'm going to see Danny and I'm the happiest person in the world. So here's a random THANK YOU :)

Aw gosh, I’m so happy for you!! The show will be great and you’ll have such a memorable evening! October can’t come fast enough I bet! Getting to see the fluff in person is just such a wonderful thing.

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