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Hello! My friend and I recently saw your post about your great great grandmother and the nudes and we started arguing, Did the nudes make him come back? Was the husband your great great grandfather or did she remarry or something? We also started arguing about what the nudes looked like and what she was doing but out of respect I wont ask about that. Thanks!

First of all, thank you for not being a weirdo and demanding to see GGG’s nudes becauxe a lot of people here are WERID.  So if you go through the “Family Lore” tag on my blog, you can hear the whole story under “A Holiday Story”, but to Clarify:

1.  First husband was a JACKASS, drunk and abuser who had nine daughters with her, then faked his death and fucked off to Chicago.  She had every reason to believe he was dead, as his brother had been murdered due to gambling debts the year before and had to be fished out of the Thames.  Victorian England Sucked.

2. GGG re-marries, has two more daughters, including my great-grandmother, so I am not related to First husband.  Second Husband is a pretty OK guy who only beat her sometimes.  Victorian England still sucks.

3. Fist Husband runs out of money, writes her for more.  This causes a problem as they never divorced, so now GGG is committing bigamy in the eyes of British law… despite the fact they handed her his death certificate.  Victorian England- You get the idea/

4.  In the middle of this legal brouhaha, Second Husband dies from being stabbed at a Pub.  Distraught and having 11 daughters to support GGG goes to a studio and has The Nudes done and mailed to Chicago in hopes of coaxing him back.

5. First Husband, because he is a JACKASS mails them back with an angry letter saying he never loved her and “I was as glad to be rid of you as one is of a leech.”

6. Well.

7. GGG takes a look at all the bills and the lack of pensions and court fees and decides if First Husband can Fuck Off To Grand America, so can she, so she goes about making sure all of First Husband’s daughters  are married/moved away/have their names changed so the courts can’t get to them (the first nine are all adults by now). and books three tickets for her and her 16 and 14 year-old daughters of Second Husband on the Titanic, because if you’re going to Flounce from a country to go murder your First Husband, do it in STYLE.  Third-class BUT STILL.

8. Great-Aunt Liz (14) gets the measles, inadvertently saves everyone.

9.  They’re on the NEXT Boat, because First Husband Still Needs Killing, they end up picking up some of the survivors from ANOTHER wreck, which is how GG (16) met a nice Definitely Austrian Man, And Absolutely Not A Russian Jew Fleeing to America (19).  He accidentally gave her head lice, so she had to be shaved when they got to Ellis Island, and he felt so bad about it he tracked her down and presented her with a Nice Hat*.

10.  The allow the Nice “Austrian” Man to accompany them as they travel East, because this is 1912 and America is kind of an armpit so it’s handy to have a Man to deal with the locals and he’s good at bargaining and not bad-looking and regards the three of them with an Appropriate Level Of Fear.  They get to Chicago and find out First Husband has died, painfully, from drinking tainted whiskey, tell the state of illinois they’re not going to pay court fees for his sorry ass, and settle in Cleveland Ohio.  

11. GG and The “Austrian” man marry, produce my grandmother, GGG never re-marries, as she is done with the court system, but has fun taking “cooking lessons” from Mr. Bianci down the street, and everyone lives happily ever after in the relative lower-middle-class comfort.

*Unfortunately, the Nice Hat was lost when an uncle set my aunt’s house on fire during a particularly nasty divorce.  We also lost grandpa’s Hip-bone Cane and Popeye’s Single Sucessful Hunt Trophy.


I was holding his leg under the table the whole time, Dianna [Agron] and I both were, and we said ‘When you win, we’re going to kiss you on the cheek,’ and he said, ‘You better go over to Modern Family’s table to kiss Eric Stonestreet.’ He honestly had no expectations, so when he won, he was just sitting there, and I literally had to pick him up like, ‘Baby, you got to go!’ 

- Ashley Fink on Chris’ winning moment

Strive for five challenge — [3/5] Female Characters: Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)

“Oh, hi! Great! I’m still on my finals sleep schedule, and, man, am I wired. What time is it? Like, 3:00 in the morning? I cannot tell anymore. Want some mac and cheese? I love mac and cheese when I can’t sleep. ”


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How to correctly find your bra size

As I look through Tumblr, I see a lot of posts about girls going to Victoria’s Secret and getting sized, usually in the 32-40 A-DD range. It pains me, as VS is usually shit at sizing bras.

Lemme tell you why that is.

VS uses the old technique of sizing, back when bras could not stretch. They added 4-5 inches to your underbust (where the band of your bra sits). That was great back then, but bras have evolved to stretch, so we no longer have to add those inches.

Most girls wear a bra that doesn’t fit them! Shocking, right? It’s usually a too-small cup or a too-big band, or both! You may be curious about your bra size after reading this, so I’ll help you out.


1. Measure your underbust.

Get a soft tape measure, or tailor’s tape, and measure the area where your breasts end. Make sure it’s a comfortably snug measurement, not too tight or loose. If you have an odd number, round to the next even number up. If it’s even, there’s your band size! For an example, I am 33 inches in the band, so I would be a 34.

2. Measure your bust.

Lean over parallel to the floor. Make sure you aren’t wearing a bra! Measure your bust, usually around where your nipples are. It should be tight enough where it won’t slip off, but loose enough to where it won’t change the shape of your breasts. That is your bust size! For an example, I would be a 41.

3. Subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement.

Simple as that. For me, it would be 41-33=8

4. Compare your number to the cup chart below

Each number corresponds to a matching cup size. Here is the chart:

0- AA
1- A
2- B
3- C
4- D
5- DD
6- E/DDD*
7- F/G*
8- FF
9- G
10- GG
11- H
12- HH
13- J
14- JJ
15- K
16- KK
17- L
And so on and so forth.
As you can see, I am a 34FF

*The second letters are US sizes. US brands rarely go above a G (F), so I recommend sticking with UK brands if you’re above a DD.

And you have your bra size! Congrats!


Cup sizes are not always the same! There is a huge difference between a 26DD and a 36DD.

Bras have “sister sizes” (other bra sizes with the same cup). For example, the sister sizes of a 30F would be 28G, 32E, 34DD, 36D… To find your sister size, just go up one on one of the measurements (bust or band) and go down on the other!

Just because there is a bra that is your size does not mean it will be a perfect fit. There are different shapes of breasts, different fullnesses. Your bra size is just a starting point.

Good luck and happy sizing!

Quick Peep At The Air Jordan 11 GG “Heiress”

More information and images coming soon. Yes, this one’s for the ladies so guys don’t get too hyped.  

Color: Night Maroon/Metallic Gold-Night Maroon
Release Date: December 17th, 2016

Images Via: mickijae


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