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I was holding his leg under the table the whole time, Dianna [Agron] and I both were, and we said ‘When you win, we’re going to kiss you on the cheek,’ and he said, ‘You better go over to Modern Family’s table to kiss Eric Stonestreet.’ He honestly had no expectations, so when he won, he was just sitting there, and I literally had to pick him up like, ‘Baby, you got to go!’ 

- Ashley Fink on Chris’ winning moment


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Entry #42 - Journal (316 words)

I got up at like 5:30 today to watch Infinity Train air on CN. Y’all put it in a hell of a timeslot, I hope you know that. I got maybe five hours of sleep last night so I could watch this. You better greenlight the show now, lol.

On that note I’ve been lowkey plotting some Infinity Train OCs all day. I won’t be posting them in case the show is greenlit cause Owen mentioned having fans send their stuff in and maybe work on the show some day so I want to save them until then, but still.

Unrelated, but while I was thinking about them and shoveling snow (it keeps snowing we’re supposed to get like fifteen inches Monday kms) our neighbor pulled out a snow plow and started plowing his driveway. And then his yard. Like the actual grass yard. If that isn’t life goals I dunno what is.

He still needs to get his cat fixed and let him inside during the winter tho. Poor guy.

Oh, also, I got one of my faves from a booster in Pokémon Duel earlier so now I have my old Explorers of Sky team. Shame I probably won’t be using either Eevee or Riolu in an of my decks haha.

Oh, yeah. I’ve been playing Skyward Sword still. Still not actually working on Self-Insert Sword. You should yell at me. Anyway I’m about to learn Din’s Power so I can head down to Eldin Volcano again. I’m gonna kick Ghirardelli’s ass.

Also I’m calling Ghirahim Ghirardelli from now on cause holy shit. Goddesses bless autocorrect.

Anyway I’m super tired because I’ve been up since too goddamn early thanks Cartoon Network so I’m just gonna draw a butt for my daily doodle and call it a day.

…I’ve been drawing a lot of butts lately.

Oh well I did a full piece yesterday bite me.

Quick Peep At The Air Jordan 11 GG “Heiress”

More information and images coming soon. Yes, this one’s for the ladies so guys don’t get too hyped.  

Color: Night Maroon/Metallic Gold-Night Maroon
Release Date: December 17th, 2016

Images Via: mickijae

RTX Day 2 Summary

AH fans weren’t as cringy, Jeremy can rap like a motherfucker, Matt and Gavin hugged and Geoff was sad about Ray leaving

Arin and Danny did something in Austin. We’ll never know.