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“someone ask me abt the 10 things i hate about you…”

I have never seen that movie but I still wanna know haha

firstly, you should definitely watch the movie but…….

  • kady is the new girl at brakebills high and gets shown around by margo and eliot
  • she see julia and is like………. dead bc of how cute she is and wants to date her
  • eliot and margo are immediately like nooooooooooooooooooo you do not wanna do that, there’s no way you’ll get together
  • and kady’s like ???? why
  • they explain that julia was adopted by the coldwaters they have this rule that julia can’t date anyone until quentin, her older brother does but….
  • quentin is a super nerd who reads fillory and further all the time, wears frumpy clothes, and barely talks to anyone except for alice– who is equally strange– and sometimes julia
  • so it’s p safe to say there is no way he’s going to get a girlfriend or boyfriend anytime soon
  • except, kady really wants to be with julia after she gets to know her some more, so she pays eliot to go out with quentin so she can date julia
  • eliot accepts bc he loves a challenge and he wants money so he kind of forces q to be his partner for and english project and they bond there but end up going to a party and overtime they get closer
  • and oops eliot is kind of falling for quentin and endeared by all the lame stuff he does and this isn’t just for money or to prove a point anymore
  • but of course, like in the movie, it all blows up in his face once q finds out about eliot’s deal with kady
  • meanwhile, margo starts to have a thing for alice and starts to get to know her better and eventually asks her to prom
  • penny is kind of the ‘joey’ of the movie except he’s his normal asshole with a heart of gold self instead of a chauvinistic douchebag
  • he had a thing with q but it ended badly, and now he wants to get with julia (which is part of the reason q won’t try to date)
  • so it would mostly follow the plot of 10 things i hate about you but with some added things and tweaks here and there

television meme [10/10] dramas
wildfire: i saw her on the back of that horse, going god knows where, refusing to give up because she cared about a horse. a single horse.