My 70-year-old neighbor loves Gilmore Girls as much as I do so I ordered her a Luke’s Diner t-shirt (she saw me wearing mine a few months back and loved it) and invited her over for the revival so we can watch it together because she doesn’t have Netflix and I’m going to give her her shirt then and we are going to be matching fangirls and it is going to be beautiful and also there will be pizza. Lots and lots of pizza. And junk food. All sorts of junk food in honor of our girls coming back.

anonymous asked:

A top 5 list of things you'd like to see resolved in the GG revival.

ooo okay. Honestly I don’t know that I have 5? Let’s see!

  1. It’s been 9 years wtf has kept Luke and Lorelai from getting married?
  2. Did Logan and Rory ever have a conversation after their super rushed break up?
  3. Did Hep Alien start playing again? Touring?

…and I’m out. I feel like one reason I’m confident I’ll enjoy the revival is that there’s very little I need from it. I need a well-written story with these characters, and I’ll be good to go. 

Ep. 64 - Here Comes The Son