Happy anniversary to our dearest five treasures, who have made it to a decade together. As a fan, I couldn’t have wished for a more humble, hardworking, down-to-earth and amazing group of talented and wonderful boys. To watch them grow musically and personally, from their debut to now, and to see how much they have grown as a band and a group of friends, there’s no other words to describe their journey than being proud of what they have accomplished. 

Thank you for everything, and here’s to wishing for more days together and showing the world what an amazing band can do! Let’s continue on this journey as ftisland and primadonna for an infinite amount of time ♡ 060717

Hey, it’s me.. Sophia.. this blog is already dead to me.. but i had to comeback here and write something… i’m not ok mentally and physically (i’ve never been)…. but i, somehow, managed to still be here…. and today is ft island’s 10th anniversary… you know, i’m here because of them… they ’ve been showing me some kind of love through their music that no one around me has ever tried to… they make me laugh with their silly videos and posts when i’m at my worse…. they are my best friends.. and the fact that they managed to survive in a country that only cares abour kpop and totally closes their doors for BANDS it’s… surreal. We are facing disbands after disbands, and i couldn’t help but think “i don’t know if ft will be here for much longer..” but here they are. And here i am. Surviving and trying our best… thank you ft for being my best therapy. Thank you for showing me beauty and love through music. Thank you for this 10th anniversary. Thank you for existing. Much love, Sophia.

даже если бы нам стёрли память,
я бы находил тебя снова и снова,
чтобы остаться.