The blog post “The Six Thatchers” contains a queer couple, a love triangle, a pining best friend, an unstable relationship, and a weapon with the murderer’s initials on it that was once thrown in a fire to deflect attention from its incriminating qualities.

But if only there was some sort of clue as to what the episode will be about when it comes to Sherlock, John, and Mary!

The Lying Detective Speculation

I think this goes beyond just Sherlock lying about dying when he is actually fine, or vice versa because the episodes are never really about the cases, but about Sherlock and John’s relationship.

So I’m speculating that this episode will be about exposing all the lies Sherlock has told in the past and will finally lead us to the truth, that Sherlock is in love with John.

After all the second episode of each series always progresses Sherlock and John’s relationship, in TBB it was “colleagues”, in THOTB it was “friend”, in TSO3 it was “best friend”, and so that just leaves a love confession for the second episode of series 4.

And a love confession can not occur without Sherlock explaining to John that he lied about being a high functioning sociopath, that he does have emotions and desires. That the reason he moved John’s chair and went back to drugs after John’s wedding is because he was heartbroken about losing John and was trying to numb his pain. That he came back to life at the realisation that John was in danger. That he excused Mary shooting him as “surgery” and protected Mary by killing Magnussen, all because he wanted to John safe and happy.

All this needs to be explained to John and the audience before Sherlock utters those three words.

Which is why it’s called The Lying Detective because, Sherlock Holmes the emotionless deer-stalker wearing detective, the version of himself that he presents to the public, is a lie. This episode will finally see the destruction of that persona once and fall all. Finally revealing to the audience and to John, who the real Sherlock Holmes is. A man who is oh so very human and oh so in love. 

  • Steven Moffat:"So how should we update 'The Six Napoleons'?"
  • Mark Gatiss, probably:"Well, we obviously have to make it gay. And with a love triangle. Yeah, that's what we have to do."
  • Steven Moffat:"You don't think that'll be... too obvious?"
  • Mark Gatiss:"We'll change the name and put it on John's blog. No one will suspect a thing. It's 2012, no one will know."
  • *Four years later*
  • Steven Moffat:"So, how should we start series 4?"
  • Mark Gatiss:"A gay love triangle."
  • Steven Moffat:"But we've already written that-"
  • Mark Gatiss:"Gay. Love. Triangle."
  • Steven Moffat:"What, are we just going to reuse our old ideas now? We've been writing that for ages-"
  • Mark Gatiss:"GAY LOVE TRIANGLE."
—  Jesús Guillermo, Versos muy sueltos para mi Raquel