gfx: the mortal instruments

Listen up. I will put everything as a bookmark. A sock, a pen, a nail you name it i’ll do it but i wiLL NEVER EVER FOLD DOWN A CORNER OF A BOOKPAGE

Malec Headcanon
  • Magnus: Jace- can you hold the baby?
  • Jace: *A little uneasy* Uh... Sure I guess.
  • *Magnus gently hands the child to Jace*
  • Alec: *Comes sweeping in* No, no, no, no- heck no. Give me my child.
  • *Jace hands over the kid extremely willingly*
  • Magnus: Wait, what's wrong?
  • Alec: Are you kidding me? Do you remember the last time Jace was over?
  • Magnus: *Realization crossing his face* Oh...
  • Jace: *Shrugs* Hey, it's not my fault the couch caught on fire. I didn't know he wasn't allowed to play with matches, you never told me.
  • Alec: I shouldn't have to tell you!
  • Jace: Fair enough.

Magnus and Alec’s Beauty and the Beast (Shadowhunters x Disney)

«Alec dreams of adventure and brushes off Victor Aldertree, an arrogant hunter who wants Alec to convince his sister, Isabelle, to marry him and leave her job as a doctor. Lost in the forest while traveling to a patient’s home, Isabelle seeks refuge in the High Warlock castle, who imprisons her. Alec ventures out in search for her and finds her locked in the castle’s dungeon. The High Warlock, whose name is Magnus, agrees to let him take Isabelle’s place.

When Alec wanders into the forbidden West Wing, Magnus, enraged, frightens him into the woods. He is cornered by wolves, but Magnus rescues Alec and gets injured in the process. He begins to develop feelings for him while he nurses his wounds.»

My work, my idea, my art. Don’t copy, please.


If you like Sebastian Morgenstern as a person and /forgive/ him you’re awful I can’t believe you could even consider that.
Yes it is his fault and don’t you d a r e compare him to Tessa or James and Lucie (or Magnus). His actions were his fault and he was an awful person I can’t even,,
If you condone his actions or believe it wasn’t his fault and that they are redeemable I literally hate you okay

  • jace: i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.
  • sebastian: i came out to attack people and i'm honestly having such a good time right now.
  • alec: i came out.

Hey, I know the tmi book fandom has mixed feeling about book!Alec (he could be a bit of an asshole), but let’s forget that for a moment and relive some of these legendary quotes:


What a savage:

1st part: deep and important

2nd part: sass


see? savage

same alec. same

i don’t even have an observation this just made me laugh 


and of course

i saved the best for last