gfx: the mortal instruments

What Is Love

Love, Magnus knows, is teasing Alec about his fashion choices even though he looks perfect in anything. It’s finger-painting with Max, watching the little blue boy turn rainbow-colored as paint gets /everywhere/. It’s feeding Rafe chicken noodle soup when he gets a cold and putting in more carrots than noodles because that’s how he likes it. It’s lying in bed at night and suddenly being crushed by the weight of both boys crawling over him and under the covers. Love is family.

Love, Julian knows, is seeing beauty in everything Emma does. It’s the anger when they fight that covers the fear of losing each other. It’s the aching void when they’re apart. It’s the giddy joy of just being together, talking and laughing like they were born to do. It’s the source of every emotion, the colorful streaks of feeling like paint on a canvas, forming a complex, breathtaking design. Love is art.

Love, Ty knows, is watching Kit’s face when Ty talks about Sherlock Holmes or anything else he cares about. It’s seeing the genuine interest gleaming in his eyes. It’s the tight, bone-crushing hugs that can calm him when nothing else could. It’s the fury in Kit’s eyes when anyone calls Ty “weird” or looks at him funny. It’s sharing their favorite words, and holding hands as they walk down the street, and just noticing everything about each other that no one else notices. Love is acceptance.

Love, Tessa knows, is both words scribbled in the margins of books and the sound of a violin playing a song just for her. It’s a feeling that fills you up, that can’t be pinned down to one cause. It’s sarcastic comments and silly jokes. It’s loud arrogance and quiet patience. It’s an ever-changing passion, that grows every day even though she thought she could never love any more than she did the day before. It’s ageless and unbreakable, pangs of grief over a hundred years later. Love is undefinable.

Love, Dru knows, is allowing herself to shine radiantly every day. It’s standing in front of the mirror with hands on her hips and a smile on her face, knowing that she is beautiful. It’s taking time alone when she has to recharge, even if Tavvy wants to play with her. It’s surrounding herself with things and people that make her happy. It’s sleeping with Tavvy curled against her, because it makes her feel strong and protective. It’s dressing up or dressing down, however she feels. Love is herself.