gfx: the infernal devices

  • lydia: you don't think i can fight because i'm a girl
  • scott: i don't think you can fight because you're in a wedding dress. for what its worth, i don't think stiles could fight in that dress either
  • stiles: perhaps not, but i would make a radiant bride

Raziel: You and your people will drink my blood and become a strong race of humans with angel blood

Jonathan: What will we be called?

Raziel: What’s your name?

Jonathan: Jonathan Shadowhunter


No but when the guy in a book smirks or “grins widely” at his love interest like fuck me and pick me up off the floor because I just swooned

I envy the future generations that won’t need to wait years to be able to read all of the Shadowhunter Chronicles’s books and rather will be able to read them all in one go and not suffer from not knowing what will happen next 

okay this is really random and i know its probably been played out since lady midnight but cassandra clare is a sneaky bitch and im really nervous about something i noticed a while ago. so we all know julian was named after julias caesar right and the most famous thing about caesar is that he got killed by brutus. and then i was thinking oh i wonder what brutus’ first name is. its marcus. fucking mark. like this could mean nothing or it could mean something either way why the fuck would you neame your children something like that its like you want there to be stabbing.