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Markiplier Ego Head Canons

I’ve been reading a few of some people’s head canons for the egos and thought I’d add a few thoughts of my own…

Googleplier: Google isn’t a bad guy. His objective to end the world is not out of malice, but rather because he sees it as a way to end all corruption in the world. Because he is the internet, able to access all information possible, Google knows what humanity is capable of, all the terrible things we do and think, how it outweighs the good, and he took it upon himself to destroy humanity before we could do anything worse. He’s doesn’t see himself as destroying the world, but rather getting rid of the ones who are destroying it.

Darkiplier: Dark is, as we all know, a manipulative sonovagun. But we also know that he has a shell that cracks at times. Perhaps Dark does have a softer side that he shows. I’ve seen hc’s about Dark being very nice to the Host due to his blindness while helping him around and others where Dark is an abusive boyfriend, his touches controlling and restricting. My idea is that Dark can be nice. He truly cares about the other egos but when his rage breaks loose, he loses that side of him and turns…well, dark. 

Wilford Worfstache: This is a theory I’ve seen around before already, but I just want to add to it. Wilf is a alter dimensional being and seeing as he is not from…here, he’s unaware of the mortality of human beings. In the interview with Mark, Wilf stabbed him repeatedly with a knife, claiming to be tickling him. He was genuinely confused when Mark stopped answering, not knowing that he’d indeed killed Mark, death not being something he knows anything about. Wilf enjoys dangerous things, not knowing they could actually result in someone’s death.

The Host: Host seems like a pretty innocent ego to me. I’ve seen hc’s that make him into a villain that enjoys narrating someone’s death to them and listening to it happen, but to me, that doesn’t really fit. After the incident that caused him to lose his eyes (perhaps he saw his own death in the future? He scratched out his own eyes to rid himself of the image but it still haunts him in his head), Host started to not talk to others. Sure, he still narrated what was going on, but he refused to speak casually. Dark was the one (during one of his good days) to pull him out of this and now he mostly only speaks to Dark and WIlf, narrating to everyone else. Oh, a little thing to add: Host has a hypnotic voice to those who let their guard down around him. He doesn’t do it on purpose, but those who hear it can be lulled into listening to him endlessly, neglecting food and water until someone breaks them out of the trance.

These are all I have so far. Hope these make sense, I’m bad at putting my thoughts into proper words… Also, thanks to @lum1natrix and @markired for the asks they answer as they’ve helped to inspire some of these thoughts 

So, I wrote some headcanons a few days ago, and one of them was that Dark big-brothers the Host, and that he sometimes helps replace the Host’s bandages. Well, I’ve recently begun to ship the Host and Dr. Iplier (I blame @alcordraws…jk. 😂) and I have decided to write a short little thingy mabober.


Dark has almost always helped Host with his bandages. Host would sometimes have trouble with it, and Dark was more than willing to assist. But, Host had his times where he would become insecure about it and refused any help.

Something was up, and Dark could tell. He usually didn’t pay attention to details too much, but he kept a close eye on Host. He was happier, not that that was a bad thing. His bandages were more neatly wrapped. Dark would catch Dr. Iplier staring at Host a lot, and at first, he would assume his big brother position, but Dark begun to realize that the staring was something…more. He never got a straight vibe from Dr., or Host, but he never mentioned it. However, Dark was a bit nosy, and decided to investigate.

Dark walked up to the door that led to Dr.’s office and knocked. When he received no response, he quietly turned the knob and entered the room. The smell of lavender hit him immediately and he knew that Host was in there, although the room was dark. Host has always had a thing for lavender. The TV was left on and some movie that Dark had never seen was playing at a low volume. There was a light shining from under the door that led to the Dr.’s bedroom and Dark could hear talking.

He knew the two voices well, and he smirked. Dr. Iplier and the Host. He grabbed the door knob and twisted it cautiously, knowing that they were right on the other side. He opened it wide enough for him to peer into the room, but not wide enough for them to notice. What he saw was definitely not what he expected, but he was glad that it wasn’t what he expected. The Dr. was sitting upright in the bed with the Host asleep, sprawled across his lap. Dr. was reading a book, and after narrowing his eyes to try to see the cover, Dark realized that it was one of Host’s old books he wrote as the Author. Dark’s smirk melted into a smile and he quietly shut the door. As soon as he was about to exit the office, he heard the bed creak in the other room and he froze in his spot.

“Darkiplier tries to sneak out of Dr. Iplier’s office, but he is caught by The Host.”

anonymous asked:

Head cannon that the host probably has anemia from all the blood he looses from his eyes. Dr. Iplier forces him to take iron supplements

He’s really stubborn about taking them at first, like he swears he doesn’t need them and Dr. Iplier’s like “doctor knows best so just take the damn supplements.” And the Host finds that hey, they take away the dizziness and lightheadedness and Dr. Iplier looks at him with narrow eyes because like. No shit.

Mark dressed up as the host and needing the rest of teamiplier to help him find his seat so he doesn’t trip and fall over things

Mark dressed up as Darkiplier and trying to be all serious but messing up the lines and making himself laugh completely out of character

Mark dressed up as any of the Ipliers and talking in character offscreen or when not being recorded