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long ass rant about the whole host/dark situation

so i hoped i didnt need to make this post but we’re here now i guess.
for those of you who aren’t aware yet there’s been a recent trend of “shipping” darkiplier and the host. idk how it excactly happened but i think it was because people theorized that maybe dark “saved” the host and has been keeping him under control ever since. 

originally this idea was really cool! it would explain a lot and also gave some interesting new angles from which we could look at these two characters. 
i was all game for this at first but seen that i’m talking in past tense you can kinda guess what happened after that…

people went from “hey this adds a lot to their lore and gives us character development” to “the way dark manipulates and beats the host is so hot!!” so fucking fast and i am DISGUSTED. (i’m not blowing this up btw i’ve literally seen several different people tag things about this as “hot” and “something they want”)

let me tell you something.
i’ve been emotionally abused for a long time and in kind of a similar situation. it was someone who presented themself as help and turned really toxic really fast. So to see people take this very serious situation and turn it into this weird “fetish” is so god awful that words fail me.
like would you go up to someone who’s been abused and go “wow u and ur abuser are so cute together!” no, you wouldn’t

i could go on about this forever but point is: stop doing this. you are glorifying abuse and it’s disgusting. you can theorize about these scenario’s but treat them as what they are and not some sort of weird fetish.

that’s all


Hey guys, I’m hopping on the theory train at least two weeks late because that’s how I roll. Anyway, a lot of people here have a headcanon that Dark is manipulating The Host for his power and loyalty. While that does fit within Dark’s character, I have a different interpretation. I believe that the Host is equally powerful, or even more powerful than Dark is. Hell, as the Author he could CONTROL THE FUTURE TO HIS WHIMS. That’s some power right there. My personal headcanon is that when he lost his sight he lost the ability to control the future directly, but he gained the ability to predict and “see” future events perfectly. That is what makes him an important asset to Dark. Who wouldn’t want to have a right hand man that can legit tell the future? But, I also theorize that Dark isn’t manipulating him into it, because he knows the Host wouldn’t fall for it. Sure, he’s the master manipulator, but it’s pretty hard to manipulate someone who can see the future AND any secret intentions you might be hiding behind sweet talk and fake friendship. The Host is an extremely powerful entity who may have been set back by losing his sight but is still invaluable to Dark’s plans. I see them as less of a situation of forced servitude and more as a partnership and mutual respect, true respect, unlike what I think is happening between Dark and Wilford. Tell me what you all think!

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Okay, but. What if. It's the Host who's the master ind, the one who's in control, and both he and Dark know it, Dark is HIS puppet, but the Host makes him look like he's the one in charge because it suits him and he s way more powerful. Everyone thinks the Host is the victim when in reality he's the true manipulator.

(Oooh! And interesting twist!)

Dark likes to think of himself as a master manipulator, likes to think he knows what makes others tick. The Host is on another level though, because he doesn’t just think, Knows. 

He’s always one step ahead, knows precisely how to get the others on his side. Dark has a reputation, a bad one, and the Host, quiet and soften spoken after coming back from the cabin in the woods looks so very vulnerable. 

But of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 


I have a serious question.

I watched “Markiplier TV” and there was one detail that really caught my attention. Why on Earth did the camera pan to Dr. Iplier before Darkiplier had begun to speak? And followup question… Why did Dr. Iplier look so angry? He can’t be upset about Wilford’s video… Because he clearly states he liked it. So what could he be so ticked up at during that part? Does he not like Darkiplier?

I was going to assume so, but he didn’t glare at Dark.

… Did he?