gfx: the host

Anti Hero (pt. 8)

Part 7

It’s a dream or maybe some sick ploy by the Author. Whatever it is, it can’t be real. This can’t be Oliver, not his Oliver. But Anti doesn’t care. He throws his arms around Ollie’s torso and buries his face in the crook of his neck, squeezing him tight even as he feels like he might pass out. After a moment, Oliver hugs him back, supporting Anti’s weight as the glitch sags into him, completely spent.

“Yer alive… yer alive…” Anti cries into Ollie’s neck over and over as if they’re magic words that can make it true.

“Yeah, buddy. I’m alright,” Oliver whispers reassuringly as he brushes a hand over Anti’s hair. “I’m here now, and everything is going to be alright. I promise.”

Anti shakes his head without moving from Ollie’s embrace. “But how? The Author made me stab your core. It… it should’ve killed you.”

Ollie grins and tugs down the collar of Red’s t-shirt, revealing the wound on his chest. “You missed, you little devil, by a whole two millimeters.” Oliver chuckles nervously. “Try not to cut it quite so close next time, just for my sake.”

Anti stares at the wound. He was too close, far too close to Oliver to have missed on accident. Which means that even under the Author’s influence, Anti had been able to make the choice to save his friend despite thinking that he had failed. Oliver puts his shirt back into place and smiles, but Anti is still confused. “But how are you here?”

“The Host, once he saw that you missed my core on purpose, he was sure the Author was controlling you, so after my brothers finished my repairs, he convinced everyone that you really had killed me.” Ollie looks off into the corner of the attic with a sigh. “He had to make sure that the Author wouldn’t suspect anything when the Host sent me here to save you.”

Anti takes a step back away from Oliver. “Your brothers think you’re dead?”

Ollie looks back at Anti and nods sadly before his face quickly changes to a smile. “B-but once we make sure that everyone is safe, Host will put things right again.” He frowns again. “I hope they’ll be alright…”

Anti shakes his head. “You shouldn’t have done this. The Author could come back at any moment and find you here, and if he does…” Anti flinches when Oliver reaches for him and places a hand on his arm.

“Host has it taken care of. All we have to do is warn the other Septic Egos and get you home.” Oliver stresses the last word, hoping that it’ll spark a little of the old light in Anti’s eyes, but there’s none of that there now. Anti looks wounded still, hollowed out, and at the mention of speaking to the other Septic Egos, he seems to retreat even further into himself.

“You go talk to them. I-I can’t.” He pulls himself out of Oliver’s grasp again and goes to sit on his old bed. “They won’t want to talk to me.”

“But they’re like your family, and you’ve just been through something traumatic. Don’t you want to see them?” Oliver is already walking towards the door to the rest of the house when Anti shakes his head slowly.

“You don’t get it, Ollie. It’s not the same here. I hurt them.” Anti’s voice breaks. He hurts everyone, even when he tries not to. “You go talk to them. I’ll-I’ll wait here.”

Oliver hesitates a moment longer before nodding. “Alright, Anti. Whatever you say.” He offers Anti another small smile. “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back.”

Anti doesn’t smile. He just curls up and listens to the door swing open and then closed.


I have a serious question.

I watched “Markiplier TV” and there was one detail that really caught my attention. Why on Earth did the camera pan to Dr. Iplier before Darkiplier had begun to speak? And followup question… Why did Dr. Iplier look so angry? He can’t be upset about Wilford’s video… Because he clearly states he liked it. So what could he be so ticked up at during that part? Does he not like Darkiplier?

I was going to assume so, but he didn’t glare at Dark.

… Did he?

anonymous asked:

Okay, lets be honest. Dark, no one likes you. We like Damien. You aren't Damien, just a "sad pitiful boi" that wants attention. It's your fault will is like this, all bat sh*t crazy and coo coo puffs. We'd all be better without you. Host wouldn't have lost his eyes, William would have lost his mind, and everyone else wouldn't be afraid. And if bin comes to your defense it's only because he feels pity for you and your "sad sad" past. You. Are. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

Dark smirks, hands held behind his back, and tilts his head to the side. When he leans closer, his aura surrounds you and bends the world into moving images of scarlet and cyan as he muses, “Yes, and your point is?”

okay, going along with @septic-creations​’s theory that we’re playing as the host, i wanted to contribute to that theory as well.

(now, this is under the assumption that damien/the mayor is darkiplier.)

first off, damien greets with the term “old friend”, implying that whomever’s POV that we’re seeing has known damien for a long time but perhaps has lost contact with over the while? (perhaps this loss of contact was when the author was transitioning to the host?)

but also the fact that darkiplier, wilford warfstache, and the author/host are characters that have been in mark’s channel/universe for a long time. darkiplier’s first appearance was on june 19th, 2012. wilford appeared november 9th, 2012. and the author’s first appearance february 6th, 2013. so by this standpoint, yes, dark and the author/host have known each other for quite a long time. wilford, included.

this part is a bit of a stretch, but when damien states, “there’s no one i would rather have alongside me”, it made me think back to markiplier tv where the host is seated right next to dark. 

and there was this theory going around about the host being dark’s right hand man, because host is literally seated on dark’s right side. and because of host’s talent/narrating abilities, we can see why dark would want host on his side.

now comes this part. where damien emphasizes the “blind” in the sentence “try not to rob me blind again”. could this be a joke/jab at our POV narrator because host wears a blindfold? has host and dark played poker before and host won despite being blind? (that would be hilarious tbh).

nevertheless, i can’t wait to see how this gets played out!