gfx: sunggyu

If Infinite attended prom

Sunggyu: Near the food, the whole night. And avoids the dance floor at all costs. 10/10 quality food though. 

Dongwoo: In the middle of the dance floor, slaying all the girls and boys with his violent hip thrusts.

Woohyun: Dances with as many girls as he can. Is he trying to get someone jealous as he eyes food tables constantly? Voted most likely to win best dressed.

Hoya: Hangs around the crowd on the dance floor, but eventually gets pushed into the centre and starts a dance battle with Dongwoo.

Sungyeol: Literally everywhere. He’s seen on the dance floor, doing some oddly fascinating obscure dance, near the food, eating all the sugary things, and also appears on every single photo… lurking in the background.

Myungsoo: He’s stuck in a crowd of girls, wearing a black suit, black shirt, black tie, black shoes. Voted most likely to win prom king.

Sungjong: Literally turns up looking like a fking model. Has a high chance of winning prom queen?

Now that SISTAR disbanded, I’m low key scared for Infinite. Infinite’s contract ends in June (AKA NEXT MONTH???) but they’re still apparently in negotiations about their contract renewal last time I checked. And some Inspirits are suspicious that their delayed comeback is not only because of Sunggyu’s injuries and individual activities but also because of this impending contract renewal.

Please I just want good news and for Infinite to defeat this 7 year curse :(