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Infinite reaction when they see a ball pit and a bounce house




*mindblowingly excited*


*immediately gets harassed by the kids*


*let’s loose*


*let’s his inner choding out*


*hyper mode activated*


*gets the kids to beat up Sunggyu*

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25 Days of Christmas (Day 13- Kim Myungsoo)

Group: Infinite

Pairing: Myungsoo (L) x Reader

Genre: Smut

You could still see the disappointment in your teacher’s face as she handed you the detention slip. You were a star student. Now you were just a delinquent in detention. Stupid Myungsoo. You looked over at him with a dirty look. His feet were up on the desk and he was sitting back in his chair. He was balancing a pencil on his nose.

Not only was he your number one irritant in life, but he was the reason you were in here. His stupid face, with his stupid eyes, and his stupid, sexy, irritating personality. Stupid Myungsoo. 

The pencil fell off of his nose and he moved to grab it. “This is your fault” you said spitefully. 

“I’m sorry, Ms. Perfect, but I’m trying to forget that you’re here” he said, balancing the pencil on his nose again.

“Yeah? Well I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t interrupted my presentation” you threw back. He sarcastically laughed and put his feet on the ground, turning back to look at you. “Wow, I must be losing my mind. I thought that was the reason I was here. I thought you were here because your mouth exploded curse words all over the place. Silly me” he said nonchalantly.

“How is it possible to be that stupid? I was only cursing because you interrupted me!” you yelled at him. He calmly stood up and walked over to your desk. He pressed his palms flat onto your desk and leaned over, invading your personal space. You didn’t back down, instead leaning in. “Me? Stupid? At least I can control my mouth” he said. He was still leaning in and you were starting to panic. 

“What- What are you doing?” you asked, pulling back from him. He laughed and continued moving forward until his lips were on yours. You weren’t sure how to react so you just sat there, wide-eyed. His hand went to the back of your head, pulling you in. Your heart was pounding out of your chest but your eyes slid shut anyway. If he was going to kiss you, you should enjoy it, right?

The longer his lips moved against yours, the more you enjoyed it. By the time your lips were separated, you were sitting on top of your desk, your skirt was hiked up, and his body was between your legs. So, needless to say, you were enjoying yourself a bit too much. His hands roamed over your thighs and he pushed your skirt up higher. 

He moved one of his hands to unbutton his pants and let them fall to the floor. He then pulled his boxers down, letting them meet his pants in a pool around his ankles. He pushed you backwards, your back meeting the top of the desk. Your legs hung off the side of the desk and his hands squeezed your inner thighs. He pulled your panties down and shoved himself into you without warning. 

You bit down on your finger, trying to keep your scream from being too loud. Your breath came out in long, deep gasps as you adjusted to his size. The only things that you’d ever had in there were a few fingers and a small vibrator. Realizing that you needed a moment, Myungsoo kissed your stomach. His lips easily moved over your skin, sending tingles throughout your body.

You moaned, signalling to him that you were ready, and he slowly slid out of you. You took slow breaths with each of his carefully timed thrusts. After a while, all traces of pain were replaced with pleasure and you moved your hips in time with his. Myungsoo wrapped your legs around him and you rested your heels against his butt. His pace was still slow and you were beginning to grow impatient. “Faster” you commanded. 

He wasted no time and pressed into you harder, his hips moving faster. “Ah, Myungsoo, mmm~” you moaned as he rammed into you. His hand flattened over your stomach while he slammed into you. Your hips moved to meet his and he moaned as your pussy squeezed around him. 

You felt your orgasm building and moved your hips faster. You gasped as you came, squeezing Myungsoo’s penis even harder. His body shuddered as he pulled out, his load shooting onto your skirt. He was panting as he towered over you, his head moving down to give your nipples a final lick. 

“Well look at that. Ms. Perfect can get dirty after all” he smiled.