gfx: kh 3d

I’ve considered it, and I think I’m going to liveblog my slog through Kingdom Hearts 3D. Here we go!

I’ve already been through Traverse Town, so what I can say for that is: I’m really glad they used the TWEWY characters here. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense, but nothing in this series ever does; I’m just glad the TWEWY cast got to be in another game, though I would rather they get, I dunno, a fucking sequel?

Currently in Sora’s side of the Hunchback of Notre Dame themed world, and it’s kinda shit. KH has always been pretty much about running through the plots of Disney movies with KH originals subbed in to do things characters from the source material did, but sometimes they get it wrong. Here, they kinda strip away Frollo’s entire character of trying to use his piety to excuse his racism, but because KH has to make everything suck, it’s just “hurr durr darkness”. BLEH.

Also, another major thing that has this world kick the bucket for me is that it’s so empty and lifeless. The festival is apparently happening, but… there are no people. There’s no one in this world except for Sora/Riku, Frollo, Phoebus, Esmeralda, and Quasimodo. It just doesn’t feel right at all.

I’ll be adding stuff to this via reblogs as I go. Wish me luck.