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Fiance anon ! Can I request a scenario where hoya comes home and finds you fan girling over him over there new mv and he finds its cute and you guys start dancing and it leads to sexy time !!! Thanks ;)

Sitting in front of your computer you try not to squeal at all the sexiness that was going. Hoya and his band had just released a new music video and you couldn’t help but drool. Just to be sure your focus was only one member. The one that mattered the most to you, Hoya.

As the video came to close you put one hand forward and made it play again, eyes glued to the bright screen. You watch as Hoya’s tightly clad body moves in ways that you didn’t know he could. Suddenly you hear the door open and a voice call out,

“Jagiya? I’m home.”

You hurriedly try to close the laptop before Hoya could see what you were watching. He comes into the room just as you turn to face him.

“Hi Oppa.”

“What were you just doing?”

“Oh nothing. Just some work I had to finish up.”

Immediately Hoya’s eyes narrow in suspicion.

“You’re lying.”

He makes a dive for the laptop and you try to block him by tackling him to the floor. There was the matter though of him being bigger and stronger than you. He gently pushes you off of him and opens the laptop. You curse yourself for not closing the window as Hoya takes in what he sees.

“You were watching our new music video?”

“Multiple times actually. I was sort of fangirling over it.”

Hoya smirks. “Well then I think you should show me just how much you liked the video. Let’s watch it together.”

He sets the laptop on the bed and pulls you next to him. Settling down he presses the play button. You stare once again enraptured by the fact that Hoya was so sexy. You aren’t paying any attention so you don’t notice the fact that Hoya was slowly inching his way closer to you. Leaning into your ear he says, “Do you like it?”

You jump startled by Hoya’s closeness. You smirk, “But of course. You look so sexy. How could I not?”

“Well guess what? You get to see this sexiness up close and personal.”

Hoya stands up and starts to dance along with the song. You stare wide eyed as Hoya gives you your own special performance. The way his body moves makes you slightly wet and you know that Hoya was doing this on purpose.

He motions for you to stand up and come closer to him. You do as he says and gasp when he starts to move his body around you.

“Don’t do this.” you whisper. “We both know how it’ll end.”

“Well maybe that’s exactly why I’m doing it.”

And with that one sentence Hoya has captured your lips with his. Your hands move immediately to Hoya’s hair tangling their fingers in his soft hair.

Pulling back Hoya pushes you onto the bed before he climbs on top of you and continues his ministrations. His hand trail all over your body making sure to brush against the places he knows are your most sensitive.

Beneath him you’re a moaning mess, squirming around trying to get him to touch you where you want.

“Hoya please. Just do it already.”

“As you wish.”

Hoya is quick to pull off your clothes with his soon following after. Reaching a hand down Hoya circles your entrance being sure not to give you what you want.

“Someone is ready.”

“I am. So fuck me already.”

Your words are cut short as Hoya slams into you. Both of you moan simultaneously at skin touching skin. Hoya reaches down and starts to massage your breasts making the experience all the more pleasurable.

You start to feel the end coming and you say to Hoya, “I’m coming. Don’t stop though.” As you start to reach the peak Hoya can’t help but release himself at the sound of his name flowing through your lips.

You shudder one last time before going limp. Hoya pulls out of you and collapses onto the bed next to you. He pulls you close to him and starts to stroke your hair. Laying your head on his chest you say, “I think you should dance for me more often.”

Hoya chuckles before saying, “I agree. I also think I should have more sexy concepts in the future.”

Snuggling closer to his warmth you drift off to sleep Hoya’s dance still fresh in your mind.

Hi there! I’m sorry this so long. Hope you like it! Thanks for asking!