gfx: harry potter

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Contrary to popular belief, Ravenclaws are actually less likely to ask a teacher for help than the other houses. Hufflepuffs are the most likely, while Ravenclaws feel like they have to know things without help (even though that’s not true.) And to a Ravenclaw, most of the time asking a teacher for help means defeat.

Ever think there actually are evil hufflepuffs, we’re just so good at whatever we put our mind to, and work hard and do the research and can be kind (or at least good at pretending to be that) so no one has ever caught on, or figured it out?

I created a character that is succch a Hufflepuff until stuff happens and he becomes a villain. But no one would believe him even if he told them flat out. And I was like…. What if that’s just how its always been xD