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Teenagers are critically engaged and thoughtful readers.  They do not read Looking for Alaska and think ‘I should go have some aggressively unerotic oral sex.’ And they also don’t read The Outsiders and think 'I should join a gang’ or read Divergent and think, 'I should jump onto moving trains.’ So far as I can tell, that kind of narrow, prescriptive reading seems to happen only inside the offices of school superintendents
—  John Green (On the Banning of Looking for Alaska)

Eric followed you into your shared apartment, you collapsed onto your bed immediately. Eric looked down at you, “you alright?” he asked.

“just…” you moved over so there was space for him, then patted it, burying your face in your pillow. 

he sat next to you and you immediately curled against his side. his arms wrapped around you. it was peaceful, just being with him. he could make everything else disappear. 


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Today, Initiate.

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REQUEST: Can I have a divergent request where y/n is divergent and she has like a huge crush on Four but Four is like a jerk to her and Eric talks to Four about how rude hes being (but not like straight forward) and Four finds y/n crying in a corner somewhere AND JUST A LOT OF FLUFF

FANDOM: Tobias Eaton [Divergent]


TAGS: bullying

He caught me staring and in one second, his veins would pop out of his neck and forehead. “Look away, initiate.”

I was sitting at the table while my friends were joking and laughing at the jokes Peter made. I just sat with my untouched food, averting my gaze everywhere to get my mind off Four who told me to “look away”.

Finally I looked away with my cheeks flushed with a bright color of red. It was odd and maybe even wrong that me, a puny and weak Dauntless initiate would had a huge interest on one of the Dauntless leaders and trainers who was named after a number.

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“Guys, just stay close okay?” You tried to call to your younger siblings. Your mother giggled.

“They’ll be fine Y/n.” She said. You shook your head. Being from amity, your family didn’t understand how dangerous this place was. Your sister had already tried to play tag with Molly and Drew.

“Y/n, why don’t you introduce me to your mother?” Eric asked as he walked over, fake smile on his face. Could this day get anymore frustrating?

“Um…yeah. This is my mom, Jamie.” You introduced awkwardly. Eric had been hitting on you since you transferred.

“I can see where your daughter got her looks from.” He told her as he shook her hand. You facepalmed.

“Oh, is this your boyfriend?” She asked you. Eric looked like he was going to say something, you prayed it wasn’t an innuendo he thought she wouldn’t get because she’s amity. The exact thing that happened when he met your older sister. That’s when an arm snaked around your waist, and pulled you away from Eric slightly.

“Nope. That would be me, ma'am.” The guy said, shaking her hand. “I’m Peter.”

“We actually have to talk for a moment, will you excuse us.” You grabbed his hand and pulled him away to the dorms angrily. “What the hell are you doing?”

“I noticed you were scared to tell Eric off, so I figured I’d get him to go away. Plus my parents aren’t here and I’m bored.” He explained casually.

“I thought you hated me…”

“No, just because I can get a little jealous-”

“A little?” You interrupted with a laugh.

“Whatever. It doesn’t mean I hate you.” He told you.

“So you’re just going to pretend to be my boyfriend the whole day so Eric doesn’t screw with me?” You questioned, still not completely on board with the plan.

“If you’re not okay with that, I won’t, but just keep in mind I won’t be the one making everyone uncomfortable.” He shrugged. You thought for a moment as he walked away. Right as he went through the door, you ran up and grabbed his hand.

“Only because I don’t want him groping me or something.” You whispered, making it look like you were saying something really sweet as you got closer to your family. He smiled lightly and kissed your cheek.

“You guys look so perfect together. I was worried she was going to get picked on here. But you must keep them all off her back.” Your sister told him as you sat down at the table.

“I’ve been doing my best since before we were even together. The only person I can’t really get to leave her alone is our leader.” He said, laying his arm on the back of your chair. You looked over at him. He was the only one who had picked on you since the first few days of training, no matter how much you messed up. You wanted to brush it off, but he was a candor.

“That’s so sweet. How long have you been together?” Your mother asked.

“For about…” Your voice drifted off as your father came up to the table. He gave Peter a disaproving look and he quickly took his hand off your chair.

“James says he can’t find your sister. Where do the kids play around here?” He questioned, looking around for any sign of her.

“T-they don’t…” You stated quietly. All the places she could be spun around in your head. The place was dangerous, and you knew it.

“I’ll get four to ask around, and go look in the training room. You want to look in the dorms?” Peter looked over at you and you nodded.


“Um…Y/n’s sister? Are you in here?” Peter called as he looked through the training room. He sighed and got ready to walk out. “I kinda want to impress her by finding you so if you’ll kindly just come on out..”

“Aw…isn’t that adorable.” He heard a small voice from behind him say. He spun around and your sister stuck her tounge out at him and ran out to find you.

Do I Wanna Know?

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REQUEST: Can I have a request where y/n is Divergent and she moves to dauntless and she has a hate relationship with Four and everyone is telling her that Four likes her but she doesn’t believe her, and then these girls jump her because their jealous of her because they know Four likes her and Four saves her and carries her off to his room and lots of Fluff but no smut since shes hurt and that would be painful lol

FANDOM: Tobias Eaton [Divergent]


TAGS: swearing, assault

I chose Dauntless and I regret it with all my heart and soul. Everyone kept telling me day after day about the Dauntless leader with the nice face. He was named after a number after three and a number before five. Four. 

What the hell? Four? I don’t know why he wanted us to call him that. What was his real name? Or did his parents legit give him the name of a number?

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(Turned out a lot longer than necessary…) (SMUT)

“You’re not going, and that’s final.” Four stated, walking past you to put the guns away.

“Why not!? Four, that makes no sense! You saw me in there! I know damn well how to fight, and I’m one of the best shots in this compound!” you argued, grabbing his bicep, in which you have found much more intimate if you hadn’t wanted to punch him in the face.

“It takes more than being a good fighter. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you can go on missions.” he said.

“Four. That’s literally all Dauntless is! Plus I learned everything from you, and you get to go!” you threw back.

“You’re not going. That’s final.” he growled, snapping his arm away. You groaned in frustration, spinning around to the leave room, making sure to slam the door for dramatic effect. You weren’t staying here, and somehow he knew that too.

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You walked in line with the other initiates, no idea what was happening. All you knew was they weren’t awake, and you weren’t supposed to be. A boy came up, asking what was going on. You were too scared to say anything, you just glanced over at Eric across the room.

“A divergent…” He muttered. You went back to staring ahead, shocked. Because he’s awake? Does that mean I’m divergent? You heard a gunshot and the boy fell. You gasped quietly, and your eyes met Eric’s. He raised an eyebrow and you looked away quickly, holding back tears. “Come on, lets got find the others.”

You peeked over again to see him walking out with the other dauntless leader.

You marched with everyone through the abnegation part of the city, watching as some split off to attack, or search through houses. You didn’t know when you should have left the line, all you knew was you need to act like a robot. When you realized all the leaders weren’t around anymore you started to look for an escape. That’s when you felt a strong grip on your arm and started being dragged to a nearby house.

“You’re a pain in my ass, you know that??” Eric growled. You hesitated before trying to point your gun at his side without him noticing, but he ripped it out of your hands. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Please don’t kill me.” You started begging when he threw you inside and shut the door, tears streaming down your face. “I don’t want to die, I don’t even know what’s happening!”

“I’m not going to kill you, just shut up before someone outside hears you!” He whispered, looking outside to make sure no one was coming your way. 

“W-what am I?” You finally decided to ask as he paced in front of you. 

“Divergent. I should have known, no one’s that good. Especially not an amity like you.” He explained.

“Aren’t you supposed to shoot me then?” 

“Yes.” He stated bluntly, raising his voice almost.

“Then why haven’t you?” You questioned, regretting it as soon as it came out of your mouth. You stopped and looked at you as if you were crazy.

“Are you really asking that?” He said. You shrugged, not getting why he had decided to spare you. “Okay, I have a plan, but you need to be brave, confident, or we’re both dead.”

“What is it?” 

“You’re going to hide out in here until either I come and get you, or people starting waking up from the simulation. Then, you’re going to act as though you believe in everything Jeanine says. Follow every order she ever gives you. Give her absolutely NO reason to suspect you. I can keep you safe but you need to be the best possible soldier you can be, got it?” He finished talking and you nodded. He sent you upstairs before finally going back out to monitor the attack.

27. “Please shut up. I can’t stand how appealing your voice is.”

28. “Shut up. Just shut up.”

with Eric

“Shut up. Just shut up.” You repeat to Eric after he complains for the third time in a short while, “It wasn’t my fault okay?”

You had been outside on a mission together, on your way back to dauntless someone had attacked you and thanks to that you had missed your train. He really had the nerve to complain to you for getting assaulted by someone, like that was something you should have expected before it actually happened.

“Didn’t you see the guy coming?” He states annoyed while crossing his arms, leaning against a pillar.

“No Eric I did not or else I wouldn’t have let him hit me. Thanks for saving me by the way if you had seen him all along why didn’t you do something earlier.”

“I just thought you’d be useful for once and actually handle it on your own.”

“Well I did in the end didn’t I?”

“Yes very gracefully.” He snorts and shakes his head.

“Please shut up. I can’t stand how appealing your voice is.” You looked confused after you said it because you actually didn’t want to say that out loud. It was just a thought that had been in your head since he started to complain.

“What?” He asks.

“What?” You repeat, hoping he didn’t hear you the first time.

He grins and comes closer, kissing you roughly until you moan and open your mouth a little so he can slip his tongue inside.

Part One

You were laughing and joking around with your friends at lunch today, when someone very roughly sat down in front of you with their own tray of food. Looking up your eyes met silver, and you instantly quieted down, and so did the rest of the table as well. 

You looked over to Four as if in question, but all you got from him was a subtle frown and a shrug. 

Looking down at your food you returned to eating like nothing ever happened, however, luck was not on your side apparently.

“Don’t stop on my account. It looked like you were all having a party over here, and I thought I’d join in.” His deep voice sending chills down your spine. You knew for a fact that was not the reason he was sitting with them, and it made you nervous. Did someone do something to piss him off today? Then you looked up and noticed that when he spoke, it was to everyone, but his eyes were only on you. And not only that, he hadn’t even touched his food yet. Was he really staring at you the whole time? C R E E P E R  A L E R T ! ! !

Now you were defiantly uncomfortable. And knowing him as an ex-erudite, you knew that he knew, that he was making you uncomfortable; and that pissed you off. So in your state you decided to stare back at him and make him uncomfortable as well… if that was even possible.

Putting on your best poker face, you looked up at him as you rested your arms against the table. He was still staring at you and after a few moments he caught on to what you were doing, and a smirk slowly grew on his face. Then for whatever reason, you spotted something out of your peripherals. You didn’t want to look away from his eyes, but you did anyways. And when you looked down at the thing that caught your eye, you froze.

“PFT!” You tried to stifle your laughter the best you could, but you were failing fast. And the glare you were now receiving answered your question if he had caught it or not.

“What are you laughing at, [Y/N]?” He asked with a sharpness to his voice. Oh he was mad. Oops.

“…I- I don’t know what to say.” You replied fighting back your laughter.

“Tell me what you’re laughing at.” He demanded in a quiet whisper.

“I don’t know how to tell you, should I just be blunt or-” You were cut off.

“JUST. Spit it out.” He said, and if looks could kill you’d be dead.

“You got a giant ass bugger hanging out of your nose.” You replied, like you were telling him what the weather was outside with a smile. 

As soon as those words left your lips, you noticed that your table and various tables around you went silent and everyone stiffened. Ready for the explosion.

He stared at you blank faced now, like he couldn’t understand what you just said to him, and it unnerved you. It’s not good when he goes blank. You could already see buildings burning and the blood of a thousand people reflected in his eyes. And you watched as he very slowly brought his napkin to his nose and rubbed it, dislodging the bugger and catching within the cloth. Then he looked down at it. Analyzing it. 

You barely held back a laugh at that. Why would you look at a bugger that long. But you shoved that thought away when he looked back up at you.

“That’s the most giant ass bugger I’ve ever seen.” He said with sarcasm so strong you even questioned if he was being serious or not. And with that he stood up with his tray of uneaten food, dumped it, and left the pit. Everyone was confused and in awe by how he didn’t mop the floor with your broken body for saying such a thing to him.

That night you found out from a certain little bird, that he was going to ask you to get a drink later. But it seemed that you both embarrassed yourselves. You laughed. If he was truly interested in you enough to ask you out for a drink, then he’d be back. If not then he’s not worth your time. But you knew that Eric never went after something half assed, and if he was interested in something he was going to get it. Yeah. He’d be back. 

And when he arrives, you’ll give him a tissue for good luck.