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I’m still trying to blast through the royal romance so I can get to the final chapter and rage

I found an edit in one of the previous chapters. We all commented on how Maxwell acts like we didn’t win Apple Queen even when we did. and on this playthrough, he complimented me on the win like he was supposed to. So, clearly, they went back to fix someting.

…And… They didn’t do the same for chapter 14. it’s still the same. word for word. exactly the same. 

thanks, pb. thanks for listening to the feedback. 

i just want allura to try to flirt with lance by using his own lines on him and lance having a meltdown about it and allura thinking she said it wrong and getting flustered about it and they’re both just hopeless, really



{ a social media + ficlet college au for the 100 }

Grinning, Clarke emptied the last of the whipped cream into the jumbo-size plastic bag. She quickly fit Bellamy’s pillowcase around it, tucking in the ends to hide the surprise inside. After adjusting it on the bed and stuffing the actual pillow into the closet, she turned to go. The Kappas would be back from their mandatory volunteering afternoon soon, and she had no intention of getting caught in the act of pranking.

The whipped cream was her idea, though it had been Harper and Monroe who perfected the technique. Octavia had a stroke of brilliance to upgrade baby powder on ceiling fan blades to glitter–blue, of course, for Delta Phi. To top it off, they had greased the bedroom floors, because something was needed to make the glitter stick. That idea had come from Raven, who was eavesdropping one night and apparently couldn’t hold onto her Luna-enforced neutrality any longer.

Best let the pro in on this one, she declared after barging into their room and nearly giving both her and Octavia heart attacks. She wasn’t wrong, though, because in addition to helping them evade Luna, she also managed to rewire the Kappa Rho house so that a flip of one light switch turned on all the fans at once for peak destructive power.

It was genius, really, and Clarke was giddy at the thought. Taking one more look around Bellamy’s room to make sure everything was just so, she found herself really noticing it for the first time. It was plain, economical, tidy. His desk was bare except for a pen holder, an assignment book, and a photo of his mother and Octavia, and there wasn’t any other furniture besides the bed and bookcase.

It was the bookcase that caught her eye, even as she heard the girls calling for her downstairs. While everything else was bare minimum, these shelves were crammed full. Vertical, sideways, diagonal: whichever way they fit, the books went. All of the spines were worn or cracked, and there were small post-its sticking up from the pages of most of them. She didn’t recognize many of the authors, but she reached out and grabbed one anyways. As she thumbed through it, the text wasn’t what caught her eye–it was the red pen in the margins, messy and emotive and clearly all Bellamy. He was in turn sarcastic and thoughtful, and his dry, insightful critiques made her smile.

“Whatcha doing?”

Clarke jumped, whipping around to see Raven peering in the doorway. Her fellow Delta Phi raised her eyebrows, clearly suspicious of what was taking her so long.

“It fell off the shelf,” she responded while waving the book. “He’s a hoarder.”

The skeptical look Raven gave her matched the one from earlier when Clarke claimed pranking Bellamy’s room. “Mmkay. Sure.”

“I’m coming down, right now,” Clarke promised, with an encouraging smile.

Raven snorted. “You better. Otherwise I’m going to have to come get you again, and I don’t need to catching you sniffing his shirts because you want to know how dreamy he smells.”

Clarke flipped her off, but Raven just chuckled and disappeared down the hall. With a sigh of relief, Clarke shoved the book back into place. She was almost to the door when she paused and looked back at the bookshelf. Deciding quickly, she rushed to the closet, pulled out a sheet she spotted earlier when hiding his pillow, and threw it over the bookshelf. It was an impressive collection, after all, and it would be a shame to ruin it with glitter.

When Clarke arrived downstairs, Octavia and Raven were waiting for her. With a wink, her roommate scurried out the back door. Clarke went to follow, but Raven tugging up her shirt and patting her down stopped her.

“Just making sure you didn’t steal a pair of his underwear,” she said cheekily.

Clarke’s response was to spray her in the face with whipped cream and then run like hell to avoid retribution.


“We’re going to catch all these shitty adults by surprise and make ourselves known to the world!”

Ryuji is undoubtedly short-tempered, easily taking offense from even the slightest of comments from others. Occasionally, he will even resort to violence. He tends to be very blunt about his feelings without displaying any reluctance. Beneath this rambunctious exterior, however, Ryuji is an altruistic person who cares for the afflictions of others around him. Around his close friends, he is upbeat, friendly, and straightforward.

Holiday - Tommy Shelby

The trip to London gets off to a rocky start. 

Holiday - Tommy Shelby | part of Gods + Monsters Series

You sat in the front seat beside Tommy. He was silent while he drove, though you weren’t entirely sure what he would have to talk about with you. He was clear that whatever business he needed you for was not something he felt the need to discuss with you. In the early hours of the morning you had walked to his house with a bag, just a change of clothes, and he’d handed you a gun.  

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