jerza weekcardinal (day four)

cardinal. adjective (ˈkɑːd(ɪ)n(ə)l)
of the greatest importance; fundamental

I was going to put shiny poetry here, but I think meta does it better. Jellal and Erza are of  paramount importance to each other. The ways they shaped each other’s lives cannot be replicated, and nothing better demonstrates it than that they gave each other their names.

When Erza had nothing, newly a slave and no control over her personhood, Jellal gave her something that was uniquely hers: a last name. It becomes such a central part of Erza that she keeps the last name even after Jellal’s betrayal, even after she escapes from the Tower. When Jellal was stripped of his personhood, his memories, Erza is the one who tells him of his deeds, part of his past. Jellal spends the next several years on a path to try and atone for them.

It goes beyond relationship, into definition. Jellal and Erza’s relationship defined one another… and they had to learn to live without it. Because of that, because Erza found Fairy Tail, and Jellal is discovering his path of redemption, there’s hope for something more in the future.