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o u t   o f   t h i s   w o r l d ! a u

prince adam → prince 1/7

item on his doorstep: the enchanted hand held mirror.

After being abruptly pulled out of their story book realities, these 7 princes find themselves thrown into a world so modern and progressive with unusual powers they did not posses in their previous lives. Having no choice but to adapt and integrate themselves into a society they know nothing about, they feign normalcy (or at least what they believe is normal) until they can uncover the reality of their situation.

3 years later they’re fully functioning adult men, their previous lives a faint memory pushed to the back of their minds as they live each passing day with a sense of superficiality, their powers only materialising amongst themselves.

They’re aggressively thrown out of their reverie when they begin to find objects from their fairytale world on their front door step. It isn’t until each of them has received something do they realise something is coming, and they’d better be prepared.

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울고 싶지 않아 x 민원 (insp.)

hyung, you left and it almost feels as if half of me is gone.

i got lost on the way home from the subway station tonight. the route i thought i knew so well i could waltz through blindfolded- two pedestrian crossings, left turn, left turn again, right turn. it makes no sense; how many times have we stumbled back together drunk? i realised the streets aren’t familiar just because i see the same old wired fence caging up the elementary school a few blocks down, or step on the same graffiti-stained concrete. 

they’re only familiar because i had your hand to hold.