EPIC WEEKEND - Jun Quemado arrived in Perth Sat Morning & after a 2day Dance workshop, A beautiful messy night on the Drinks/Dancefloor & Many Super Satisfying Meals around Perth City. Not to mention he just couldnt come to our city without coping his very own Holsters from our Local Art/Events&Apparel Brand GFTED. Not to mention an extra 7pairs, 2 Jumpers & a Beanie.
He may aswell have bought the whole GFTED shop hahahaha

It was a sad Goodbye last night as he had to depart for Sydney. Above are a couple pics from Saturday night. Proud of all of us making it thru Day2 of the workshops after a 6am hometime.
Missing you already Mr Quemado. Come back soon xxx

Come into GFTED - 189 Arcade - William Street - Northbridge or Visit

Amazing artwork from our Interstate Gfted Ambassador, Deena Verawati…. shes truly captured the Gfted goons steez through the 5 elements the goon immerses himself in on the daily.. Swatch watch mockups.. GFTED GOON.. 2011 “The Elements”.  

We have always been about refined talent from day one and the Goons at Gfted really appreciate the creative outlets in all mediums, whether it be the brush, pencil, spray, mpc, microphone, turntables, dancefloor, just to name a few.


Check out more of Deena’s artwork here >>>