Anomaly #12: The Dipper

Anomaly #12, the Dipper.

I’ve been working on this little guy for a straight week now in my little scraps of spare time and he is finally completed! Finally I have something to take my frustrations out on when Dipper makes poor life choices in Season 2.
Yes! I have added several fun features to this little dipshit! Behold!


Did you think that one expression would be enough? How am I supposed to show the sweaty awkwardness that is Dipper with just ONE expression? So I made his eyes and mouth interchangeable with state of the art VELCRO technology! Mixing and matching pieces makes for all sorts of fun!


Well Alex Hirsch did say we do terrible things to the Pine’s twins up here…I guess he does have a right to be worried about us. Dipper is MUTILATE-ABLE. Judging by the events that have transpired thus far in Season 2, it looks like Dipper will be getting himself in a looooot of trouble this season. Dippers limbs are detachable using snaps. His clothing is also removable so that he can be dressed in other outfits if needed or wanted. His limbs also have wire in them so they can be moved and posed however you need.

Feature #3

Also have I mentioned that you can DISEMBOWEL this Dipper? Not only can you rip out his entrails but his huge torso wound is also good for holding stuff such as money, your cellphone, snacks…heck I was able to fit like 3 rice crispy treats in him.
However he cant hold Vodka too well.

Umm *cough* moving on…

Feature #4

Well I don’t know if this counts as a “feature” but I tried to make this Dipper as accurate as possible, so his birthmark hides under his hair, 

Feature #5

Hes really soft and makes an awesome pillow. 

Here’s some more example pictures as if this post was not long enough.

(one of my favorite expressions from Into the Bunker)

“Oh, what? Are you saying I’m not a male man? Is that what you’re trying tosay? I’m not male, I’m- I’m not a man? Is that- is that what you’re getting at?”

"Dude…you’re laying on my bra.”

Enjoy, expect more pictures of Dipper doing things I suppose.

has this theory been thrown around yet??

anyways I have a reason to suspect that Stanley/Stan’s brother has been fighting in the Time War that’s been alluded to multiple times. Usually Hirsch doesn’t repeat plot points unless they’re important and so far we’ve had two episodes featuring time travel, and a lot of cute little clues suggesting that something big happens in the future.

Stanley’s got a gun slung over his shoulder, something that looks pretty high-tech, and he’s wearing a trench coat, goggles, heavy boots, all that seem fitting for a war or apocalyptic situation… Cracked glasses mean that he either had no time or means to replace them.

He’s got a quill in his pocket, which is either supposed to just throw a hint that he’s the author, or is more representative of him as someone out of his time. It’s an outdated technology, and one that’s easy to break. I’m pretty sure there’s some trope of people using outdated tech just because it’s personal to them.

When he’s first seen, he’s wearing all black and lighted up with a cyan light, which are the colors of the portal, yes, but the future has been illustrated with a similar palette. I don’t know if that’s just an artistic choice or a hint.

The glimpses of the future that we have seen is one of a ravaged world with hardened people. However, while the ‘police forces’ are wearing clean, high-tech uniforms, Stanley’s face was concealed, and his clothes were torn and ragged. I’d guess that he’s part of some rebel force, because whenever there’s some dictatorship there’s always gotta be an opposing force.

But then again, we don’t really know what kind of person he is so it’s hard to guess.

Alright kids, it's theory time.


Disclaimer: everything in the post is based on my own speculations, and just because I’m pretty confident in my theory doesn’t mean you have to be or agree with them.

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Go Fighting Season 2 Ep. 3 cut scene aka that time the GF production team turned shit that Yixing said into a song…

Director: work hard and find it.

HL: We’re working hard. (I) called and no one is picking up. [Pop up text: hard work that doesn’t get a response]

Yixing: We work hard, hard and even harder ah. Then (let’s) eat a meal! [Pop up caption: never forgets that there must be a meal to be eaten!]

Lyric trans (starting @0:08s): 

Work really hard ah. We work really hard ah.

We work hard, harder and even harder ah. 

Work really hard ah. We work really hard ah. 

We work hard, harder and then we eat a meal ah.

Working hard is (like) iron, working hard is (like) steel. If we don’t work hard for our meal ah, (then) tummy stays hungry yah (1st & 3rd time)/ tummy gets hunger panic (2nd time) x3

Aiyo, aiyo, aiyo wei! Work hard, work hard (to) eat a meal!