So Gravity Falls Is Over...

Plenty members of the fandom are stuck in this weird state in which they don’t want to leave Gravity Falls behind, but they’re all out of new content to pore over. While it might be obtuse of me to do this, I would like this offer up something that might spark you interest:

Please don’t mind the crappy logo! I spent 10 minutes in paint trying to make it!

This fanfiction has been in the works since last year, taking the Gravity Falls universe into something of its own. Plenty of old and new characters make their appearance in a tale that is both old and new. 

The story? Through a series of events out of her control, Mabel never spends has her fateful summer in Gravity Falls while Dipper returns every year until he’s old enough to live there by himself. Adult life seems to be treating the twins well until one winter morning, Dipper is found dead. Mabel arrives at Gravity Falls a year later, looking for a reason why a letter she’d received at his funeral asked her to come visit. Here she finds that her brother is not only the town hero, but is the local expert of everything weird and supernatural. The more lies she uncovers, the more she realizes that Dipper Pines was a man that kept many secrets from her and the people of Gravity Falls. With a demon-turned-human and a government agent by her side, Mabel sets off to find the her brother’s murderer while the weirdness that thrilled her brother forces her to realize that she might never have known Dipper at all.

This fic also includes:

  • A return of characters like Bill Cipher, Pacifica Northwest, and Gideon Gleeful
  • New diverse characters that add to the plot and world building
  • New lore combined with the old
  • Competently written
  • The return of the infamous ciphers from the show, along with an introduction to new ones
  • Multiple story lines that are new or revamps from the show
  • BillDip so slight you’ll love it if you want it or can easily ignore it if you don’t
  • Mysteries just waiting to be solved

If you’re a Gravity Falls fan that’s looking for a long story that’s not going to end any time soon, then this is the fanfiction for you. Come check it out on AO3 and!

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So I suppose my hair still works alright for Fidds. It’s a little long and needs LOOOTS of hairspray, which means I’m gonna fight with the humidity the whole time I’m wearing it.

It’s been a couple years since I wore Wendy last, and I forgot how much this wig and I don’t get along, but I’m excited to be in an outfit that’s generally comfy.

real-life-pine-tree  asked:

Sketch Idea: Dipper gets his hair cut short, but he starts to regret it because his birthmark is now exposed. Fortunately Pacifica comforts him and lets him know that even with his birthmark visible, he still looks handsome.

Pacifica cut her hair short after this.