gfs bday

what sapphic stereotype are you

- stoner gf who smokes a lot & likes to hold hands with their date mate 

- weeaboo gf who cosplays & buys anime merch 4 their lover’s bday

- sporty gf who wears athletic clothes & goes on dates after practice 

- outdoorsy gf who goes camping & makes out in their tent & in their car

- artsy gf who paints their s.o. (sometimes in the nude) & falls asleep in the studio after hours of work 

- nerdy gf who watches harry potter marathons in pillow forts & kisses their date mate during the credits

friendly reminder that when Keith’s bday was released, my initial reaction was “YES MY BABY IS A SCORPIO I KNEW IT” blah blah klance is canon king bc Leo/Scorpio more klance stan stuffs

it wasn’t until a few weeks after the bday reveal that i realized… he has the same fucking bday as my boyfriend and I didn’t even notice Bc I was too hyped over keith

❝ ——— amir woke up to the smell of food and the sound of giggling this morning, and as he opened his eyes there was no one in sight, though he went to sleep with his arms wrapped around someone else. he stretched his arms and walked down the stairs to the kitchen to see his lover and son cooking breakfast. “happy birthday to me,” amir breathed out as he took a few minutes to just look at them from the entrance of the kitchen.


Hugh… Can I have a quick word?


Happy birthday comrade @galadrielles

anonymous asked:

hi elliot, so a few months ago i went to a local flower shop to buy my gf flowers for her bday (red roses, and some chocolate to go along) and as i was having the card labeled, the lady selling them to me goes, "oh, you're such a lovely person! your friend must be so lucky to have you" even after i asked her to put, "happy birthday baby" on the card lol anyway i was wondering if people mistake you and jet as friends out in public because it happens to me and my gf all the time. have a good day!x

Oh my goodness all the time haha,  I still constantly get comments and messages on our videos and social media asking what our relationship is/are we sisters/are we friends/roommates ect. One time we were at a con, literally holding hands and being pretty PDA as Sasuke and Naruto and someone asked us if we were sisters like….. wow. But yeah it happens all the time. Someone thought we were twins once too, which was pretty silly because we look absolutely nothing alike xD sO yes, haha, all the time. Unfortunately it’s one of the curses of a same sex relationship, people will always assume things *shrug*