gfs bday

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Okay something I need to rant about and I feel like you would understand back whenever drakes party was and Taylor murdered us and shot us all with that outfit she posted a picture on instagram and I remember some fans being like 'oh this picture is for tom to show him she is missing him (when we thought they were still together)' but what if it was for joe when they were talking because I know o would probs do something like that to grab someone's attention 👏😂 rant over

Lmaooo yeah omg I remember a few people saying that and I was like???? No????? She can post whatever she wants??? We actually had no idea hahah although I bet Joe liked the outfit ;)


Hugh… Can I have a quick word?

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Plot gon' wrong Lauren wanted Camila to be with her in Jamaica but Camila felt it was too much of a risk + she dont like her friends and due to heartbreak she invited Ty along just to make Camila feel bad cause Camila chose work/fame above her gf's bday and that's why D&N didn't join Lauren bc they don't agree with what she's doing&she's not being fair towards Camila. Camila telling Dua "lets hang" was such a guy(dick) thing to do, almost like i dont care i will do me and you do you...



Happy birthday comrade @galadrielles

We went to timezone today for jude’s gf’s bday and I set the record for the hammer hitty thing (like whack-a-mole but you hit once really hard) 3 times 💪💪

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Five things you can find on my blog:

  • sp obviously
  • lots of clyde
  • stupid posts
  • craig/clyde
  • UH more sp stuff?

Five things you can find in my room:

  • a seal plushie
  • broken headphones…
  • rainbow stickers
  • a computer
  • a bed

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • get married
  • own a magic lizard
  • visit every state in the us
  • write a novel
  • learn how to cook

Five things that make me happy:

  • my girlfriend 💖
  • clyde
  • ice cream
  • brownies
  • cute animals

Five things I’m currently into:

Five things on my to-do list:

  • get my gf a bday present
  • apply for college
  • finish old games i have
  • idk im boring i dont have plans

Five things you might not know about me:

  • the first sp fic i read was one where the main four have a foursome LMAO
  • i can eat a whole pint of ice cream in one sitting (setting? idk what the term is)
  • im a taurus
  • i dont like kevin/clyde its the only ship i can never accept
  • im 17 years old and i still cant swim

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