Me cooking pasta:

  • takes a bunch of spaghetti from the jar;
  • looks at it;
  • returns about half to the jar;
  • looks at the spaghetti in hand;
  • takes some more spaghetti from the jar;
  • looks at the spaghetti in hand;
  • returns some of it to the jar;
  • looks at the spaghetti in hand;
  • takes some more from the jar;
  • puts spaghetti in the pot;
  • looks at the spaghetti in the pot;
  • takes three or four strands of spaghetti from the jar and adds them to the pot;
  • still ends up cooking the wrong amount of pasta.

Sometimes, when I’m looking at stuff I’ve written, I feel a bit like Smeagol/Gollum from LOTR.

Smeagol-me is all: Look how pretty it is, look how tasty it is…

And Gollum-me is all: pretty, she says. tasty, she says. we’ve seen all that before, precious, we’ve seen it done better. nobody loves that. nobody loves you! have some rotten fish.

I was doing a graphic comprised of 36 individual images, and was at least 2/3 done with it, when suddenly: Blackout! The thing is, I’m not even that upset about it. I have no idea what got into me today, but I like it!

Until today’s episode I had only seen the name “Maeve” in writing, and I had always pronounced it in my head as “May'ave” instead of the actual pronunciation that, to me at least, sounded more like “Mayv”. 

It’s a common situation. Quite a bit of my vocabulary comes from books, newspapers, and the such, so there are many words I know and can use in a perfectly adequate manner, but haven’t the faintest idea of how to pronounce. For instance, until recently, I was convinced “awry” was pronounced “aw-ry” instead of “a-wry”

Most of the time, it’s not really a problem, since most of my English use is done in writing, but when I’m watching a show, I sometimes completely miss words that I do know when I’m reading them, instead of hearing them.