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Sam And Dean Drop In On Jody Mills, Claire And Alex After Receiving A Panicked Phone Call From Claire. She Believes The Recent Murders In Town Are...
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piece i did in the livestream tonight!! thanks for tuning in, everyone! this was super fun, and the first of the two sketches to be colored ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒

spn cast secretly weeb trash

just watching Supernatural when suddenly

what the fuck is that…?????


of course Yu Yu Hakusho (which apparently translates to “Ghost Files”) the anime about a boy (a spirit detective WHO BECOMES A DEMON LATER) and his supernatural squad that go around hunting demons and ghosts would be featured on fucking SUPERNATURAL THIS IS AN AMAZING DAY MY FAVORITES MEET


Imagine: Being Dean’s daughter and running away when he turns into a demon and he has to find you after he’s changed back to human. [x]

Sam: Y/N! Y/N, where are you going? You can’t just walk out of the bunker without us knowing.
Y/N: Actually, that’s exactly what I wanted to do.
Sam: You want to leave?
Y/N: I can’t stay here knowing my Dad’s a demon- I don’t want to be around him, and since I know you’re going to go looking for him, I can’t be around you… Don’t follow me Uncle Sam. Please.
Sam: I… I can’t just let you go off on your own.
Y/N: Don’t worry, I’m going to find Garth, or Charlie. I’ll be fine. And, I promise I’ll call. Goodbye, Uncle Sam. *smiles sadly* *leaves the bunker*
Sam: Y/N…

Want to request an imagine?

Let me present you “The definition of hipocrisy”, starring the Supernatural fandom

SPN fans on Tumblr: blaming the victim is wrong

also SPN fans on Tumblr: *shamelessly blame Lucifer, the original victim of the Mark of Cain Amara*

Lucifer in 11x09: *makes Sam shed one tear*

SPN fans: OMG! POOR SAMMY! He’s being so abused! “A single man tear, that’s all we fear” *collectively lose their shit*

Sam in 11x10: *literally makes Lucifer cry, the archangel’s face wet with tears and his voice breaking*

SPN fans: Okaaay, let’s just pretend that nothing happened… *don’t give a single fuck*

This doesn’t refer to all the fans, obviously, but to the majority of them. Seriously guys, I’m so tired of your bullshit. You can deny the fact that Lucifer is not evil inside your heads, but canon is canon. I’m aware that denial has great power and may be good (like when Gabriel was brought back because the fans didn’t want him dead), but right now, you’re just hurting Lucifer’s fans. And I’m talking about the real fans, who like Lucifer not ONLY because Mark Pellegrino is cute, but also because we love the complexity of his character. Because we see in him so much more that just the devil. We see a broken, but still brave archangel who saved the fucking universe eons ago and who is bold, decisive, and ready to sacrifice for the greater good.

Also, cheers for Mark Pellegrino who is the best Lucifer ever. Right now, I don’t just admire him, I deeply respect him for what he’s doing for his character and defending him not only during the meetings with the fans, but also through his acting.

Please Forgive Me - Part 5 - The End

Here we go everyone! the final part!!! enjoy!!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

You know they’re going to try and set up a trap for you so you double back quietly and try to catch them off guard. You’d had enough games; it was time to finish it.

You hear them whisper ahead of you, you round the corner to see them make their way around the opposite end of the corridor, you crouch in the dark to save being seen and wait.

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