dminlgp3-4 London 2013 Advance, a set by George Fox Evangelical Seminary on Flickr.

One of the greatest things I get to do is leading the Leadership and Global Perspectives D.Min for George Fox Seminary.

Here are some photos from last September when all my students came to London. Next September we are in Cape Town.

Via Flickr:
This is the photo-album for the Leadership and Emerging Culture (LEC) Doctor of Ministry (DMin) track with an emphasis in Leadership and Global Perspectives led by Dr. Jason Clark at George Fox Evangelical Seminary in Portland, Oregon, USA.

- Location: London, UK
- George Fox Evangelical Seminary
- Leadership and Global Perspectives Doctor of Ministry Program
- Lead mentor: Dr. Jason Clark
- 1314 school year
- Sept. 24 - Oct. 2, 2013
- LGP3-4 Cohorts
- tag: dminlgp

anonymous asked:

I have a request for the girls fighting evil. Can you do one about girls who were heroines but ended up stuck back in their normal lives after their adventure was over. (Kinda like Sarah from Labyrinth) These girls want the adventure back and so they seek out the demons and magic themselves. Does this make sense?

it does! great idea. i’ll see what i can do. not sure when it’ll happen though!

brightmaiden asked:

For GFE, how about The Girls Who Are Healing? I know you already have some of this in the mental illness, broken-hearted, parental abuse, and those in the hospital sets, but I think there are girls who are healing who aren't under those specific categories---maybe they've hurt themselves, maybe they've been hurt by others, but they're making the hard choice every day to fight, to get better, to push past the pain and help themselves and those around them. (I'm loving all the GFEs, btw! :D)

great!! adding it to the to-do list! thank you!


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anonymous asked:

have you considered doing marvel girls? like black widow and scarlet witch and a girl version of captain america, iron man, etc.?

maybe someday i could do them for girls fighting evil, but there are so many girls in the marvel (comics) universe that it would take me forever! but maybe someday!

eccentricute asked:

for gfe, could you please consider a pastel punk/goth one where they look cute and are very sweet and wear pink dresses but over that they wear leather jackets with shoulder spikes and can/will kick your ass if you get in their way c: love all your work, laura im so mad every time i go on your blog i just miss the tv show meme lol <3

aww cute! i’m going to post this in the gfe to do tag so i don’t lose it. 

and don’t worry! i do them pretty much every weekend. message me if you miss it this weekend and maybe we can work something out!

So for the next few weeks I am going to try to work close to 20 hours a week (or the equivalent of that with bdsm sessions as well as gfe) and only have time to socialize with newenglandsugar and cloak-life and school and advertising and sugar attempts. So this is me trying. I hope I can save an additional 20k cash in 3 weeks, which, if I’m not going out to 100$ dinners every night for no reason, will happen.

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompts, maybe girls fighting evil: Autistic girls?

for marginalized people, i like to have a co-creator who is a member of the community. if there is an autistic girl who is interested in creating this with me, that’d be great! send me a message off-anon if you’re interested in this!

i don’t really do prompts for gfe, but i like to say i always take suggestions. i don’t like calling it prompts, because i really don’t do most of them! i have so many of my own ideas for gfe that i want to do, that i don’t really have a lot of time to do prompts. it’s also much more difficult to find images for some prompts and i hate to disappoint when i’m unable to do so. but i’m always open to suggestions!