Hong King reflections: A week ago we had the opportunity to sing this song with a group of young men between 14-18 years of age walking through life’s challenges … Hearing and singing these words with them opened and changed the significance. Somehow these words rang truer here than they did the previous day when similar words were sung in an English speaking mega church that sounded and looked like an American import (that is not necessarily intended as a compliment). #hk2015 #gfes #dminlgp #lgp4

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dminlgp3-4 London 2013 Advance, a set by George Fox Evangelical Seminary on Flickr.

One of the greatest things I get to do is leading the Leadership and Global Perspectives D.Min for George Fox Seminary.

Here are some photos from last September when all my students came to London. Next September we are in Cape Town.

Via Flickr:
This is the photo-album for the Leadership and Emerging Culture (LEC) Doctor of Ministry (DMin) track with an emphasis in Leadership and Global Perspectives led by Dr. Jason Clark at George Fox Evangelical Seminary in Portland, Oregon, USA.

- Location: London, UK
- George Fox Evangelical Seminary
- Leadership and Global Perspectives Doctor of Ministry Program
- Lead mentor: Dr. Jason Clark
- 1314 school year
- Sept. 24 - Oct. 2, 2013
- LGP3-4 Cohorts
- tag: dminlgp

The people I have studied with for the past several years… I have learned so much with and from them through the Doctor of Ministry Leadership and Global Perspectives program … So very grateful… #lgp4 #dminlgp #gfes (at Tsim Tsa Tsui, Hong Kong)

Sinning in the Holy City

When I moved to Charleston it was nothing more than a dot on the map, it didn’t take me long to learn that I was living in the Holy City though. It seems everybody’s first question was “have you found a church yet?” and job interviews that were going amazing suddenly turned cold when they found out I was living with a man I wasn’t married to. I started telling people I was married and quickly got a job and wore my red shoes in secret.
Southern life for Yankee female in the workplace hit me quick, the rest of it was slow to creep on. It wasn’t until I found myself single that I began acknowledging the mindset of many of the men here. Now I’m not saying this is strictly a southern thing, but I am saying it is a hell of a lot more common here! I didn’t just wake up with these desires and I’ve definitely been single before. I also didn’t learn it all on my own ;). I spent time all over the country and I’ve always ran into like minded people. Maybe one of these days I’ll get into the stories of my younger years living in a hippie commune, on the road, in a loft in New York City with people that I can’t even begin to define and others that I’m sure very much influenced me. Anyways, I realized unless I was into swinging with ummm….less than attractive people I needed to find some outlet. I did the whole online dating thing, it got old quick. I thought I could find a fuck buddy but it seems it was just guys that wanted to get as many notches as they could put on their belt until they found a “good girl” they could bring home to mommy and daddy. I really was not looking for a relationship but I did not appreciate being labeled undesirable just because I enjoy sex.
I’m sure there’s some girls that love being wined and dined and all the dinners they can eat at Outback and Olive Garden and then spreading their legs because they feel so warm and fuzzy from all the special treatment, but I’m not one of them. The dog and pony show was maddening. That got me thinking, a lot of these guys spend hours and days talking to me just to get me to meet them. Then time and money to take me out to dinner with no guarantees of anything. That seemed like a hell of a lot of work to maybe get laid. Unfortunately it killed it for me because as horny as I was I sure as hell wasn’t going to give it to you when you act like you were entitled to it. That got me thinking that there has to be a better way.
It just so happened I sold my business, I needed an income before my standard of living sunk too low. Which led me to escorting. Honestly this wasn’t the first time I thought about it, I remember being probably 12 years old having a conversation about Lil Kim that led to escorting and peaked my curiosity. This was the first time I ever seriously thought about it though. I got on the internet, went to backpage because it was all I knew and found someone who could help me. Before I could blink I was doing my first appointment. I left feeling amazing! I couldn’t believe how easy it was! We were all satisfied on multiple levels, it was all clean cut and defined and everyone was happy. As time passed I realized there was all kinds of people out there and nothing was taboo. I could explore all my fantasies and desires and be celebrated for it, my high sex drive was a turn on.

I am living 2 separate lives, to some extent. I have not came out due to fear of peoples reaction. I’m not worried about my inner circle, if any of them were to have a problem they shouldn’t be a part of my life. I’m worried about the general public here. If I were someplace else things might be different, but for now, this is the way it is.
Regardless of having to stay tucked away I am so greatful to be a part of this world. It has allowed me to flourish and given me an outlet for all my perverted fantasies. I thank all of you for being a part of this life with me!

A Stolen Moment

The plan was for them to meet first and I would join them an hour later. The door was left open for me, as my fingertips begin to grasp the handle I was greeted by the sounds of pleasure; her moans, involuntary and drawn out, heavy breathing, the sounds of two bodies forcefully becoming one. I opened the door and crept in as quietly as I could, hoping to steal a few moments for myself. I peeked around the corner, gazing on their wet, glistening bodies, the curve of her perfectly round ass, her breasts slapping back and fourth, the muscles in his thighs and back contracting as he collided into her. I found my hand creeping up my thigh, under my sikirt, to my exposed - he looked over and saw me “Hey!” I instinctively leaned back around the corner. “Yes Sir” I said, stepping forward, preparing myself…

Last night in Hong Kong - this is a fascinating place … Grateful for the interactions, the people we have heard from, the good work happening through Seafarer’s, the St. Stephens Society (Jackie Pullinger), Lutheran Community Services, the dignified work of Linklater’s and the honoring and equipping place of Ming Hua Theological College … Along with a photographic perspective on the Umbrella Revolution through the insightful work of Jess Yu. My experiences here have been learning ones … I will not see China and Hong Kong in the same way … #hk2015 #gfes #dminlgp #lgp4 (at Tsim Tsa Tsui, Hong Kong)