So, I’m not very good with words or expressing how I really feel, but I wanted to give this a go.
Sob I’m so lame ok so..
Kim Hyun Joong. I want to start off saying that you are the most incredible person that I first got to know when I started to get in K-pop and K-Dramas. Your captivating charm and precious smile was what first caught my attention whenever I saw you. When I first saw you in Boys Over Flowers, I thought so little of your amazing talents but you were the most interesting character in that drama for me so I researched quite a lot about you. I discovered that you had a heart-melting voice and you sang in boy band with other crazy talented people( who I also all adore)! I discovered through interviews that you are a soft-heart romantic kind of guy:3. You’re also brutally honest about your past and past love life (even though you try not to let tell so much about it). So when I saw you in Playful Kiss, I couldn’t believe how cold-hearted your character was because that’s nothing like you! And through watching the game shows you were in, I learned that you are the fucking sweetest person to your fans. You’re so genuinely kind to your fans and so caring about the people around you. I honest haven’t seen anyone with as sweet as eyes as you have. I know you have so much potential to achieve so many greater things in life and I know you’ve done a more than unbelievable job at acting/modeling/sponsoring /singing and I know that no matter what you do (sob but you do everything), you’ll do a breath-taking job at it! (And I’m in a rush so excuse me for my improper grammar.) You’re so silent but outgoing. So witty yet simple. So caring yet independent. So strong yet soft-hearted.
I love you Kim Hyun Joong oppa! Have a lovely day my adorable little alien ^^. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.