Those fictional crushes
  • Friends: OMG They are sooo cute omg I can't wait till I'm dating someone!!! What about you??? Anyone you have your eyes on ;)
  • Me: well uhhhh
  • Friends: OMG ?!??!?? Who is it?
  • Me: welllllll *you guys don't want to know*
  • Friends: ?!??? Tell us!!
  • Me: I'm actually uh committed to multiple fictional characters, but like they are super nice and very attractive and like they all have these little quirks and like if you watched these show you would understand why I like them so much and uhhhh...
  • Friends:
  • Friends: ohhh uh ok we uh totally understand....yes
  • Me: *great now they think I'm weird*
  • Ppl: omg I can't wait to catch up on [insert tv show with real people]....there's so much drama and suspense!
  • Me: yea I know those feels
  • Ppl: wait you watch this show???
  • Me: no.....I watch something much worse
  • Ppl: ?!!?!???
  • Me: ......Gravity Falls
  • Ppl: you mean that animated kids show on Disney??? Lmao!!!!
  • Me: -__-