right, so long long ago when i was deep in the gf fandom since the series had just ended, i found this au, and did some (admittedly bad) fanart. recently i did some cleaning, found this, and decided to redraw it. so hereeee ya go. tbh i dont remember if this pic fit into any fic/ headcannon/ situation in this au as a whole but i think it mightve been a… parallel verse meeting, or something. hope ya like it ^^




Inspired by the beautifully done @gemanimate projects, this gfanimate project will essentially involve the same idea–having animators of all sorts (amateur, student, professional, whatever!) reanimate shot-by-shot of a Gravity Falls episode–and we need you to join in!

Submissions for animations are currently empty and open! They can be anything, just a small sample so we can see if you’ve got the animation thing down well. If we feel pleased with your sample(which is highly likely as long as you can lip sync, and know how to create frames, and as long as there are submissions still open), you’ll be sent a shot of an episode with the time frames you’ll need to use when reanimating your scene.

 Head on over here and apply! 

more information: faq about


“I get it already, Grunkle Stan.”


“OW! Ow, ow, ow…”

Oh my biscuits, Gravity Falls fandom, I’m sorry. No, Dipper was not dead in that last sketch, and I apologize for all the feels but not really. If you need me, I’ll be hiding under my bed, drawing more shenanigans.

Well, Gravity Falls is ending. I’m sad, but I 100% support the creators in their decision to conclude the show on their own terms.

Gravity Falls has been such a huge influence on me as an artist. Because of GF, I got excited about animated television, which I’d love to help make someday. I’m thankful for this show and everyone who contributed to it. And I’m grateful to this awesome fandom, especially those of you who followed me because of my GF art. YOU’RE THE BEST! *hugs*

So rest assured I’ll follow this fandom to the ends of the earth! I will continue to enjoy drawing things for you guys. <3


YES, this, is for today’s prompt “Confession” and I’m absolutely NOT ASHAMED OF IT 8DD

I was kinda sad when I realized the crossover prompt didn’t win the poll so last week I was like “WELL SHIT I’M DOING A CROSS OVER ANYWAY” and litteraly made this one before all the other prompts

Lapidot reminds me a lot of other ships I love but the most similar is Alphyne but Lapidot is still my big fav tho so I felt the need to make this because it thought this was fun and because this is one of my favorite parts of Undertale and because I’m a huge trash

I mean come on you got  the small blonde nerd having a huge crush and a cool, blue and strong one. The small one takes their blue gf in their fandom, they look at each other with the weirdest and cutest faces…Also you got a child, who help them making it work

I…just love these dorks <3

Btw I first didn’t know who would replace MTT but Sardonyx seems to be a good choice. I’m just currently laughing at what I’ve done lmao


i think peridot is a little too tall in this one

i’m so not sorry for all this

(boop @lapidot-anniversary-week and @luclipse85)

(By the way I actually made another cross over, made before the poll results. I’ll post it tomorrow with the selfies :^) )

taz fandom gf poll

yesterday evening i asked the taz fandom which girls from taz they would most like to date.

from 265 reblogs, here are the responses.

  1. Lup - 147 -  23.9%
  2. Killian - 96 - 15.6%
  3. Lucretia - 79 - 12.8%
  4. Carey - 59 - 9.6%
  5. Ren - 58 - 9.4%
  6. All - 46 - 7.4%
  7. Hurley - 31 - 5.0%
  8. Sloane - 29 - 4.7%
  9. Noelle - 23 - 3.7%
  10. Julia - 17 - 2.7%
  11. Jess - 7 - 1.14%
  12. Antonia - 5 - 0.81%
  13. Cassidy - 5 - 0.81%
  14. Troth - 3 - 0.48%
  15. Lydia - 3 - 0.48%
  16. Istus - 3 - 0.48%
  17. The Raven Queen - 2 - 0.32%
  18. Maureen - 1 - 0.09%

here is a pie chart.

i’m very bad at wrangling with excel.

findings of the study:

  1. people love lup. people really, really, really, love lup. there was even someone who mentioned they don’t listen to taz but still wants to date lup.
  2. our collective taste in women rocks.
  3. there was much talk of wanting to date BOTH killian and carey, although as you can see, more people said killian.
  4. i saw a lot of “lup and ___” - usually killian or lucretia.
  5. people often cast about for favorites and when the favorites kept piling up, just said “all of them.” hell yeah.
  6. some also just said “is this a trick question? all” which, yknow what? tru
  7. i did have one “none” response, but that was from someone saying “they’re all gay” (which is true) and “they’re too good for me” (which… awww buddy i believe in you, you have good opinions from what i know)
  8. the only ladies not mentioned are, to my knowledge: brogden, terra, paloma, hathaway redcheek-fangbattle, hecuba, petrilda, renee, sabine, and june & mavis (which is good, i didn’t have to block anybody).

here’s a couple of my favorite tags. they’re all a delight, but these gave me a chuckle.

conclusions of the study:

  1. you’re all gay.

aAAAH so today is MY one year anniversary of beginning to watch Gravity Falls! I remember sitting down on my bed in the late evening and starting out on the very first episode, curious as to what all the finale buzz was about.

Needless to say, I’m so so glad I decided to watch this show and become a part of the fandom. Gravity Falls really helped reignite the importance of retaining a childlike perspective on certain aspects of life for me, at a time when I felt troubled and like I was growing up too soon. It gave me a found family that I’ve come to know so intimately I feel like they’re my own. I’ve met so many amazing, kind, hilarious people through this fandom within the last few months and I’m SO thankful to be here with all of you living life!

Stay weird :D