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But in the end you are still you. Your past shapes you, but does not define you. You are built from rock and sand and concrete, but you are soft and gentle and compassionate. And just like the seasons, you will sprout from beneath the cold sheet of snow as a bud eager to grow. From old to new, from winter to spring, from you to you.
—  Spring

unfollow me if you do not support our troops! I WILL post about my support to them, and I will post about how thankful I am for their bravery and sacrifice. 

If you hate war, okay. Hate the WAR then. Hate what some people are doing to THEIR OWN PEOPLE. That’s fine, but don’t you dare hate our soldiers, the people who risk their lives every day for us, and the reason we have our freedom. 

And my goodness, PLEASE feel free to go do their job for them if you think you can do it better. Truth is, all of your little hateful internet comments would do you no good in the REAL world. You seem real brave on the internet, but I bet you anything that you would not say those things to a soldier’s face, especially one who had just gotten back from a deployment where he went through hell, and now suffers from PTSD because of it. 

Or hey, what about a soldier who lost their life trying to protect yours?? Would you still be disrespectful and call him/her names even though they are dead? I guess you could take a trip to a graveyard if you wanted too. 

Better yet, since you love to defend them so much - go talk to a terrorist and see if he cares what you have to say… Oh wait. He’d blow your brains out before you even got a chance. 

Sorry but I’m not sorry if that’s harsh. The bottom line is - I will not tolerate any hateful comments towards U.S. soldiers on my page. And to all of you posting your hateful comments, you should probably reevaluate your “opinions,” or better yet, move to another country since you hate ours so much. 

The end.

I knew I wouldn’t have time to do this tomorrow so here have a quick 15 minute sketch of the babies watching fireworks from their boat. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!


Either Bernie wins or this country enters:

a.) 2nd Great Depression (hillary)

b.) WW3 (trump)

Ok but imagine Stan after what happened in the finale, using that to scare Ford when he is pissed at him. Like, Ford is mad at Stan (cmon, brothers fight) and he leaves the room after the discusion, but then he enters and tries to apologize

“Stan, you were right. I’m sorry.”

“Stan? Who is that? Who are you?”

And Ford just freaked out and Stanley just laughs with Ford’s reaction


“I’m sorry, but you should have seen the look on your face”


“Promises, promises…”