pinkie-pride asked:

gravityfallsinfinite (who has inside sources) just made a post about Stan's tattoo and they make it so obvious that he fell. I'm gonna cry this is amazing

yooooOOOOOOOoooOOoOooOooo (although im pretty sure bill said ‘watch your step’ in the AMA)… I’m crossing my fingers this is the case… Can’t wait to see our beloved character writhing around in pain while his brother watches him helplessly :’’’’D

okay but it just boggles my mind that i first saw a post about the swap theory at least a month of two before the twin theory was proven.  at the time i thought “okay, now we’re REALLY reaching.  let’s slow down a bit,” but now i know that the gravity falls fandom correctly guessed TWO of the biggest plot twists this shows ever thrown at us with only miniscule breadcrumbs of evidence.

basically what i’m saying is that i’m never gonna doubt the conspiracy theorists in this fandom again.


Acid rain, when Abel looked up at Cain
We began the weeping and wailing
A hurried high from pestilence pills and pride
It’s a shame, we could have gone sailing
But heaven knows
Heaven knows everything

A sorta remake(?) of an older drawing I did back when the Stan twins were just a theory. Anyway, this song reminded me of the original mystery twins and I’ve always hoped the Stan twin theory would be true. So now that it’s confirmed, here’s a comic to celebrate. YES! (I changed the lyrics a bit btw)

Also, I was thinking. Since this show loves parallels so much, what if the ending of Not What He Seems was another parallel. Two siblings are reunited.. but at the same time, another pair is torn apart?

daypatrol asked:

I really like the burn theory! Although if you look at the pictures wouldn't the image there be too big to fit as stan's tatoo? Because his tattoo is quite small. Also isn't stan's tattoo blue so how would the burn turn blue idk I really like the theory though please don't take this as me shooting down the idea i just wanted to explore it more :)

Yeah no problem! I understand there are some holes, that’s why it’s a theory ;) The size thing is weird, but this could just be something the artists used so we can see it on the side of the desk. Sometimes how things are drawn are not always consistent (ie young stans chin??). Someone else pointed out that it is blue and doesn’t look like a burn, which is true, but I’m coming at it from the angle that it’s magic, not actual fire, so who knows what kind of mark it would leave. Someone else pointed out the color could be the way the artists show scarring overtime. I would also like to point out the blue/red dichotomy throughout the show (ie bills blue flames and his red symbols) so maybe it’s going along with that. Also just to nip this in the bud, someone said he had a jacket and couldn’t be burned, but if the marking is magical I don’t think I little bit of cotton would be able to stop it.