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Chanyeol  Scenario - He Visits His Long Distance Girlfriend To Propose - Requested

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helloannyeonghaseokonnichiwa said:

Anyyeonghaseyo :)) Can I get a Chanyeol scenario when they have a long distance relationship with his gf and when he comes to the Philippines [gf’s hometown] he proposes to her… :)) I know it’s too much but thanks anyway =^_^=

*sorry I took like two weeks to write this but it’s here now*

Chanyeol was nervous on the plane ride, his leg continually bouncing while he fidgeted with his fingers. He’d thought about spinning a pen in them but decided there was too high a risk of hitting someone in the plane with it. Coordination was key and he was little too preoccupied to avoid being a hazard to others. He hadn’t even been able to distract himself on the plane, despite talking to Baekhyun via a face time call through the plane’s wireless internet system.

Baekhyun told him that it would be great. After all, the two of you had been together for over two years, despite all of the challenges you’d faced. He tried to reassure Chanyeol that he wasn’t going to be rejected and that you’d probably cry. Chanyeol didn’t know how to say it but, he wasn’t worried about rejection. He was mostly worried about not getting the words right. Even though you’d been together for so long, he often got tongue-tied around you and well, a proposal wasn’t something he wanted to mess up. He’d even tried on his ring a dozen times during the flight, to make sure the fit hadn’t changed. 

He’d only taken his acoustic guitar, the rings and an overnight bag with him for the trip. With his busy schedule, he wouldn’t be able to stay long but it would be long enough. He’d gotten tired of waiting for the right moment to propose. He’d just have to make the right moment.

He’d been thinking about what to do for a long time. Meeting her at her work place or her school seemed good for a surprise, but this was more than a surprise visit…He could wait at her apartment but that also felt a little creepy - to be in someone else’s home, even his girlfriend’s, without them knowing. It didn’t matter that he had a key. Nevertheless, those were his options and surprising her so publicly seemed too out there so he’d just have to get over the creepiness of being in your apartment. He’d make a good ambiance for it. He’d get candles before he went there, a good bottle of wine or champagne depending on what was available…Flowers were good but flower petals were too cliche…

When the plane finally landed, he got his guitar from baggage claim and hailed a cab going directly to your apartment. Even though your relationship was long distance, he knew your schedule. You’d be home in about an hour and a half. Once he’d dropped his bags off at the apartment, he made a quick run to a local market, getting the rest of the supplies. Back at the apartment, he put the flowers in a vase on the small table, lighting a couple candles while starting a simple dinner - one he couldn’t mess up even while nervous. While the water boiled, he pulled out his guitar from the case to make sure it hadn’t been damaged in the flight and that it was in tune. Satisfied with that, he leaned it against the couch and started cooking the food. When he knew he had about five minutes to spare, he pulled out the rings he’d gotten.

Finally, he heard your key in the door. He immediately snapped up, a smile already forming on his face. Right ok, let’s do this and Yeollie for the love of god do not mess this up…

You didn’t think to expect anything out of the ordinary when you walked home after your day at work and school. Sure, it was a little strange your light was on but you just figured you’d accidentally left it on as you rushed out this morning. You walked up the stairs, pulling out your phone to call Chanyeol. This was the time you usually talked since it was a time you weren’t busy and for him, unless there was filming or an event, he wasn’t busy either since it was too early for a concert to start. You put your key in the door, ready to press the call button as soon as it closed behind you but when you did open the door, the phone dropped from your hands.

Standing in his usual freakishly-tall, smiley dork manner was your boyfriend. That was definitely something you hadn’t been expecting. Heck, your first thought was to see if today was your 1000th day anniversary, any anniversary, White Day or Valentines day or his birthday or even your birthday but you quickly remembered that there was nothing special about that day, except now your boyfriend was there.

“Chan?” You said, still in shock. He beamed.

“Hi Y/N!” He said in his low voice. That was all it took for you to dive into his arms. Even though you weren’t together a lot, being in his arms still felt familiar and safe, like home. You couldn’t help but laugh against his chest - so happy to see him. Your heart felt like it was going to burst from joy at seeing him. You’d gotten used to not seeing him all the time but it just made actually seeing him incredibly special.

“What brings you here? Oh and you made dinner…Thank you!” You said looking around your small apartment, noting the candles and cooking food. He blushed a little, scratching the back of his head sheepishly. 

“Well there was something I wanted to talk to you about…” He said slowly while his fingers stroked your hair softly.

“Oh ok, go ahead.” You said stepping back from him and smiling, really you were unable to stop smiling.

“Well uh…” He said taking your hands in his as he lowered himself down onto one knee. He almost fell, losing his balance for a second but your mind had gone blanket and you didn’t giggle like you normally would have. Your heartbeat, already going hard from seeing him was going at full force, so loud you wondered if he could hear it and if you could hear anything besides it. You knew that you had been together for a while but was he really going to…?

“Chanyeol?” You said in a voice different from your usual one - this time it was high and squeaky. He let out an embarrassed, sheepish laugh as he reached for something on the table. In his hand he held a velvet box. Your stomach did flips before he started talking.

“Now I know it’s not easy dating me or  being in a long distance relationship at all anyway…But I am so happy being with you and talking to you and seeing your smile and just, everything about us. I love you more than I ever expected I could love someone…I’ve been thinking about asking you this for a while now and now I’m finally doing it…Y/N, will you marry me?” He said. You felt his his hands squeezing yours and getting clammy as he talked. It’d also gotten hard to contain yourself as you wanted to start jumping around the room. 

“Yes!” You blurted, almost cutting him off. His entire face lit up as he let out a relieved sigh before laughing in euphoria. You’d started jumping in place, an almost-painful smile taking up your entire face. He, a little clumsily, slid the glittering ring up your finger and when he was done, you were done containing yourself. You threw your arms around his neck, almost getting lifted off the ground when he stood  up. 

“I’m really glad I didn’t mess that up!” He said, spinning you around a little. You laughed, shaking your head while you put your hands on his cheeks.

“I wouldn’t have cared if you messed up, as long as you asked.” You said before kissing him. Both of you were smiling in the kiss, with your pair of rings glittering away on your fingers…