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  • Lady: *taking a picture of me and my friends because we asked her*
  • Dude: *is walking by with his girlfriend*
  • Dude: * still walking but asks the lady* Do you want me to take a picture of all you?
  • Lady: *points at us* no, we aren't friends
  • Dude: *still walking but turns around to face us* LET'S ALL BE FRIENDS!
  • Dude's gf: NO! *drags dude away*

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I even saw some hets thinking Harry has a secret gf in NYC lmao

Tbh what surprises me the most is that they actually believe he’s committed to someone (not Louis, never Louis), since every person that breaths next to Harry is suddenly a potential gf/bf and they start to ship like crazy 

Valentine's day with Mack (2/17/16)

Sooo… I saw Mack on Wednesday, and we had a blast. For the first time I went to his hometown, and I saw his first house, and a few properties he owns, I went to a client meeting with him… it was just great seeing him in his natural environment and all business. Very sexy :) We had lunch at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, and then decided to hit the tables and gamble a bit before retreating back to the hotel room for a few hours before I left. Since we were at a casino that he goes to rather frequently, and they know his son and brothers, he introduced me as his assistant. I started off with 200 dollars in chips, and by the end of the house we were up $2,650 in chips. It was a great session.

We went upstairs and he told me that he got me a present, which turned or being the Endless collection bracelet that I’ve been eyeing, and staying building it with charms on it. It’s something small, but I loved it. Plus he also got my sister a mock watch of the one he got me for Christmas because she keeps trying to take mine for her birthday yesterday. It was a really sweet gesture.

When it was time to leave, he kissed me goodbye and asked me if I wanted and pocket change to keep me company until I see him next, and I said no. I know…. Many of you girls are rereading that last sentence to make sure you aren’t going crazy, and I assure you, I am not either. I took a risk, and it is already coming back in my favour. [SN: For those of you who don’t know, I am a very spoiled gf with Mack, and for me, it’s perfect. I make a pointed effort in not documenting how much money I make a meet, or showcasing money shots, because we 1) I hate carrying cash so it’s usually done electronically or 2) I believe that everyone’s hustle is different, and you shouldn’t base how much money I make as a sign of success, or failure.]

He was a little surprised, and pushed to give me a little change, I grabbed a few 50s and kissed him goodbye and went on my way. Why did I decline free money? We’re at that point in our relationship where long term goals are better than the short ones. Denying that money brings confidence. Shows him two things, that I’m not dependent on him for money, so he can never hold that against me, and that it’s more than just the money. I personally feel that all the men want that kind of assurance that after they’ve spoiled you with the trips, houses, cars, and countless other things, that they are not going to be left in the past.

I’m at that point in my life where I am going to start wanting things on the scale of a car, an apartment, and security, and to me that means taking some risks. Now, I’m not advocating for everyone to start denying free money, and them asking for bigger things, but I am however advocating to show that it’s more than just the money…. Even if it isnt. Once that security sets in that you care about them, more abundance is bound to come your way, and if that doesn’t happen, well…. They probably weren’t the right person in the first place.

Fingers crossed for greater luck for everyone!

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