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garnetly replied to your post “ps they’re all hispanic just like amethyst”

as a hispanic, NICE!!! also where exactly are they from?

i was thinking mexico? so like all her sisters still live there while amethyst lives on the east coast (moved there to live w/ rose and gang) and every now and then they have a reunion aka bomb ass party of the century back in their hometown

Most people find it astonishing when others say that they hate the majority of the people. As much as I can comprehend why they say this, I would like to say that if someone really wants to surprise me, they’d have to be the complete opposite, because it is so hard to love others, and even humanity, when you’ve been treated like shit.
—  Excerpts from my life
Okay so spiderbyte headcanon...

Soo I never thought I would write a “headcanon” before BUT this was too good to keep to myself… 

widowmaker somehow finds out about quinceanera tradition (yes I’m kinda lazy to make up a reason on how she found out about it) and is intrigued by it because it somewhat reminds her of her “performance days” or whatever (again being kinda lazy here) and ask sombra what exactly do you do at your “quince” and if she’s ever had one, sombra explains that she didn’t and explained more about the tradition in the most passionate voice to widow without realizing it and tries to act like she doesn’t care that she’s never had one, being an orphan in the streets and all, it’s obvious why she’s never had one. 

Weeks have passed and eventuality widowmaker surprises sombra with a “small quince” which might as well be called a regular small party, obviously she doesn’t have the budget for a big quinceanera( I doubt talon would give her money to throw a “traditional party”), but still manages to get a cake, decent amount of food for the both of them (obviously sombra eats most of the food since I doubt widow eats a lot due to her “transformation”) and some drinks and plays some Mexican music that she thought would fitting for the quince and teaches sombra some of her ballet dances, BUT not right after sombra tries not to get overwhelmed on how a cold hearted sniper did the most unexpected, heartwarming thing a person like her could ever do.

Sombra surprisingly goes along with everything despite how shook she was, she tried not to cry, but allowed herself to enjoy what the cold blooded spider has done for her.

Sombra has always had a “friendly-ish” rivalry with widow (even before her quince) and she always had feelings for the sniper, feelings that she didn’t really quite understand… maybe same could be said for widowmaker, but after that surprise widow threw for sombra, her feelings towards her started becoming more clear to her as days gone by…

I know it’s really brief and is probably filled with grammar errors but it’s pretty late for me right now and my English isn’t all that great… plus it’s my first “hc” and I’m not a big fan of writing, hopefully one day I might elaborate more on this or someone can take inspiration and draw or write an actual fanfic on this but I doubt it lol 

…me (left) and my beautiful gf on holiday in Mexico! we spent a few days in Playa del Carmen relaxing and will spend the rest of the time with her family. 6 ½ months down, forever to go! te amo mujer!