gf lovers

It’s funny how love works. You fall in love with a person without realizing it and when you do, it’s too late. You can’t just reject who your heart has chosen. Love is dangerous because you have no say in it. It could be very beautiful yet so toxic.
i think that’s what moving on feels like.
you will have moments where he is going to occupy all your thoughts and moments where he won’t even cross your mind.
some days it will feel like a constant battle of trying to forget him and desperately trying to remember him at the same time.
but with each new day you will let him go some more.
with each new day you will forget more than you will want to remember him.
and that’s when you know that you’ve moved on.
when he becomes a memory not worth remembering.
—  e.s. // what moving on feels like.
When you start talking about your first love being with someone else. When you start acknowledging the fact that you’re just glad that they are happy. That’s when you know you’ve moved on because it doesn’t hurt anymore. You’ll always love them but you know in your heart that you’ve let go. You’ve made your peace. And it’s such a liberating feeling.
I think that it takes a lot of strength, selflessness, and courage to recognize that you are not the right one for another person. It takes a lot to let go, but at the end of the day, you just want them to be truly happy. So even though it’s hard, you’re the one to break it up.

“you have to stop doing that.”

“stop doing what?”

“stop sacrificing yourself for people who don’t even care for you and stop trying your hardest for people who don’t try for you at all.”

—  e.s. // if only it were that easy.
One Day

Maybe one day we will meet again
When you finally admit your wrongs & when I’m not broken from them
& maybe I can drive to you to see you for 10 min because just for that amount of time it was a blessing to me
Maybe we can also talk in your car & play music like we did & sing all night
Hope that’s alright
I miss those nights so much where I could just feel your presence & I was satisfied
I hope they meant so much, they did to me
I know it’s silly because it was just those small things that I loved
I loved everything about you & you know this only because I never wanted to change you
I love you, where ever you are
I hope you’re happy & you go to bed knowing that someone like me loves you
Til the end of time
Hope that’s fine