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Updated: 15.7.2017


GD Scenario(recognized you from a girl group and gave you his number) GD Scenario: “Hi~”

BB Reactions to you getting a new pet Big Bang reactions to your new pet

BB Reactions to you not coming home after failing college entrance exam Big Bang Reactions to you not coming home after failing college entrance exam

BB Reactions to their gf singing cover of their song and killing their part Big Bang reactions to their gf singing a cover of their song and killing his part

GD Scenario(photos getting taken when u are making out in a club and he admits the relationship) GD: “I’ve got a girlfriend and I’m never lonely..”

GD Scenario(going to fashion show together, lots of skinship)


GD Scenario (getting in fight with your ex at the fashion show)

GD: “Don’t try me.”

BB Reactions to their friends teasing him while he’s hanging out with her Big Bang reactions to their friends keep teasing him about his girlfriend while he’s with her

BB Reactions to their gf getting a kiss from a girl  Big Bang’s reactions to their gf getting a kiss from a girl

BB Reactions when they have to adopt a 14y/o as a group Big Bang’s reactions when they have to adopt a 14 y/o girl as a group

GD scenario( on tour, lots of skinship) GD: “What are you doing?”

BB Reactions to their gf being from:

                 Germany Big Bang’s reactions to their gf from Germany

                 Italy Big Bang’s reactions to their Italian gf

                 India Big Bang’s Reactions To His Indian gf

BB Reactions to their sassy gf Big Bang’s reactions to their sassy gf

BB Reactions to getting to know his crush is a lot younger than him Big Bang’s reactions to finding out their crush is a lot younger than them

BB Reactions to their gf thinking she’s too heavy to sit in their lap Big Bang’s reactions to their gf thinking she’s too heavy to sit in their lap

BB Reactions to their otaku gf Big Bang Reactions to their otaku gf

BB Reactions  to their S/O being hard of hearing or deaf

BB Reactions to a dating scandal with a rookie

Daesung scenario pt 2 pt 1:Daesung scenario: Surprise Jagiya~

Seungri Scenario (falling in love with a rookie) Seungri:”Adorable”

Gf's housemate from hell didn't know she was messing with the devil.

Gather around, it’s going to be a long post. It’s also getting things off my chest finally.

Okay, so this story sets in India. My gf at that time was in University and living in a house with around 6 other housemates. She was fine with all of them except 1. We’ll call her FB. Fb was the type of housemate that made sure that my gf’s life there was miserable. She’d do something almost every day to upset my gf. Sometimes it’d be little things like stealing her food, borrowing her shit without permission and not returning it etc. Other times, she purposely chipped off parts from her coffee mug that I got her as a gift, slashed her bike tyres, wouldn’t let her and other housemates in at 1am when they was returning from a party and left them stranded outside..etc. you get the picture.

The house they were living in was for ‘girls’ only. Guys were allowed but then asked to leave after 12am where sometimes 'random’ security checks happen. I say 'random’ because they hadn’t had a security check in the 1.5 years she had lived there. Fb’s boyfriend lived with her for a week with no consequences either. So it’s no surprise that when I came for a 2 week stay over to the house (from another country because we were long distance), the landlady got a tipoff on the first day and a security check happened where I got kicked out. With nowhere to go at 1am and a kind of remote region, my gf decided to sneak me back in to stay the night and leave in the morning for a hotel. When I climbed up the staircase to go upstairs to her room, she saw me. We locked ourselves in the room , but then there were cops after 30 mins that showed up because fb claimed that I “raped” her and “touched her”. Wtf. I didn’t even acknowledge her. So the cops interviewed us for an hour and her parents were called (they live in a different state) explaining what she had done and a big deal was made. She had also been told she would be denied a stay for the next semester (current semester ending in a month). I was let go due to the false accusation (everyone at home said it didnt happen) but still out in the streets at 4am, sitting on the bench, with the nothing to do but plot my revenge.

So it begins.

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anonymous asked:

You just won a trip to La Huerta and now riding a plane to get there. Who are the 9 winners that are with you now from the fandom?

Omg How lucky am I?!! hehe I’m bringing my gf back from india there @jakesmckenzies my twinnie @kittenmusicals totally bringing @endlessraj and @zaddysloan I’m also bringing @mermaidwarriorqueen and @annyvil! Also bringing @peepeetah and @michellenguyens! On board ladies, here are your boarding passes, La huerta here we come! haha 

thank you for asking nonnie ♥️ I wish I could bring more of you ! 


I now proudly present to you… the graduating class of 1968

June 15th, Stan and Ford’s birthday, landed on a Saturday in 1968. How awful would it be if Ford’s high school had their graduation ceremony that very same day??

(Monochrome version under the cut because I can’t decide which version I like best)

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