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Big Bang's reactions to their gf from Germany

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If you believe it or not I’m going to Germany on Friday….I’m gonna go and see the Bavarian castles… Is anyone from there? I’m only gonna be there for a day tho-_- BUT I CAN’T WAIT TO GO~~

He was so lucky to film a movie in Germany, where he met you. He had no idea of the language but you tried to teach him as much as you could. He liked the country a lot. It had big cities and a lot of galleries. You took him to the most famous galleries and not so famous galleries and he was fascinated by the works of Germans. He loved coming home with you and meeting your parents, he was a little scared of them sometimes because they worked so hard but ever since he had the chance to meet them he loved him as his own parents. He often visited Germany with you and couldn’t wait to come back the next time.
“Can we go to the  Gem-äl-deg-al-er-ie next time? *reads the name totally wrong*”

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He is also fond of Germany because he has many friends there and one of them is Karl Lagerfeld  He was so honored when he was invited to his fashion show once again and you just happened to be on the fashion show. You are also a famous designer in Germany, known for working with your uncle, Karl Lagerfel  He was very proud on you when he got the news you are dating the famous G-Dragon. GD was also very happy to work with you, but more he liked how you respected your country and that made him want to get to know Germany more too. He asked you about the country a lot and wanted to travel around the country and take lots of pictures with you in different places.
“What if we visit a small city next? Do you know any? I think that will be fun too~”

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He saw you in Korea in University when you were an exchange student. Back then you had no idea who he was and talked with him nicely as a normal person and not a celebrity. He was really happy that even after he told you he was in a group you treated him the same. When you got closer he wanted to visit Germany with you, when you go back and he did went with you. He loved your home city a lot. He was surprised how interesting country Germany is when he visited it. He wanted to visit a lot of places and wanted you with him. He was very happy you knew so much about your country and told him about it.

“AWW… I want to see where you live too~~* Taeyang aegyo on*”

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You met in Japan, at the hotel he was staying. It was weird you got along so well but since you were both happy and funny all the time it was only the matter of time when you’ll meet again. And the next time you met each other was in China, where you agreed to visit your home country- Germany together. He wanted you to tell him about the country and take him to places you want to go. He loved your blue eyes the most because he never saw a person with blue eyes like yours in Korea. Your European style was very interesting and attracted him a lot.
“Your eyes… They are so… Beautiful….*tries to flirt a lot*”

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He had no plans to visit Germany at first but when you started dating and got in a serious relationship he wanted to know more about your culture. He wanted to meet your parents and visit some great clubs in Berlin, maybe meet some new friends there. He first saw you at his club when his DJ who is from Germany invited you to the party. He liked your strong German accent and your cute natural blond hair. You were so different from Korean standards for girls and he loved that. Your own, unique style and look. He wanted to visit Germany and see how you spend the day there.
“So… should we go to Germany?…*convinces you to say yes*”

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