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Little things I love about Tumblr but I don’t mention enough:

  • When I reblog someone’s art and they get a bunch of notes and they get all happy bc of it
  • “Hey just dropping by to say I love you”
  • “Your art is amazing omg! goals!”
  • People saying I helped them somehow with my positive posts
  • People thanking me after I help them/let them vent
  • “I love my gf” “I love my bf” “I love my partner” memes made by queer people 
  • Pastel positivity posts.
  • “I love my mutuals” memes
  • “your blog makes me so happy”
  • Anons that just? arrive? to say hi? they’re the sweetest.
  • Anons asking you how was your day
  • “Oh gosh I saw your post are you ok?”
  • “Hey i heard you are feeling bad have a pic of this thing you may be interested in”
  • Pretty people posting selfies of themselves to bless us all with their prettiness 

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Sam's never talked about a gf but often posts personal comments on how lucky or blessed he feels or being surrounded by lovely people. None of those moments seem to show when he's w/ MM. It's not that he's not parading her around. I don't expect selfies of them or him to tag her in tweets. It's that when you see genuinely happy moments from the guy this woman is on a different continent & nothing of the sort pops up when they're together. To me this says more than a pic of them at a party in LA.

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This is gonna be lengthy but i met my favorite band for the 1st & 2nd time two days apart, when the curtain first opened it was instinct to run to kellin and hug him (top right), i couldnt believe it was real i started crying but i pulled it together and showed him a the pic i wanted to do (top left) but i twisted his words around (longer story) and got 2 pics that day (bottom left) and then told the band i got them a gift, and whoever wanted it would have it, i told kellin he followed me on twitter, which he laughed at because of my @, and i asked justin to UNBLOCK me, which all of sws found the funniest thing ever. After i took the pic i left and they posed an IG picture with GABE holding my gift for them, and jack gave me the setlist. 2 days later i went again and they automatically remembered me by saying “hey your back!” “Good to see you again” and stuff like that, i asked for my pic (bottom right) and then told them something along the lines of how much theyve helped me, they all said it was “amazing” and to “keep it up” and high fived and hugged me. During the show i got 2 of nicks guitar picks, kellin nick jack and justin all took selfies on my phone, kellin threw me his sweat rag??? and i met jenna (jacks gf who i absolutely love) after the show and i am so emo i havent been so happy in my LIFE, then kellin posted the bottom right on twitter for my birthday; wishing me a happy birthday, justin unblocked me, and kellin DMd me saying he read my letter (: