gf asked me to post selfies

Little things I love about Tumblr but I don’t mention enough:

  • When I reblog someone’s art and they get a bunch of notes and they get all happy bc of it
  • “Hey just dropping by to say I love you”
  • “Your art is amazing omg! goals!”
  • People saying I helped them somehow with my positive posts
  • People thanking me after I help them/let them vent
  • “I love my gf” “I love my bf” “I love my partner” memes made by queer people 
  • Pastel positivity posts.
  • “I love my mutuals” memes
  • “your blog makes me so happy”
  • Anons that just? arrive? to say hi? they’re the sweetest.
  • Anons asking you how was your day
  • “Oh gosh I saw your post are you ok?”
  • “Hey i heard you are feeling bad have a pic of this thing you may be interested in”
  • Pretty people posting selfies of themselves to bless us all with their prettiness