gf 1

AHHH, gotta be quick before my computer quits again. I have problems… again… let’s look how long it will take until I can use my computer to draw again.

However, this is in fact the first day of the OTP challenge. As you can guess, I won’t draw more in the next few days/weeks because the sketches are on the computer and it isn’t safe enough to draw yet. But I’ll tell you when I can start. Until then enjoy this little pic~

seto’s personal trashy update

my last day of vacation is tomorrow, these 3 weeks i’ve been animating for the islands MAP, watched hours and hours of gameplays, read the entire snk manga, and watched anime

i’m a productive child


Jeon Jungkook

Kim Taehyung 

Kim Namjoon 

Park Jimin

Jung Hoseok

Min Yoongi

Kim Seokjin


Video texts


DAY 5: favorite ship

TBH…Margo is a poly bi icon and I love her and support her 3 GF’s and her BF

(I make a little edit in janna and jackie skin!)

week made by @queenmarco <3